F.E.A.R. Interview for PS3

Developed by Day 1 Studios, F.E.A.R. is renowned for being one of the greatest first person shooters this side of the millennium. Now making its way to the PlayStation 3, PSU interviewed Geoff Bent Associate Producer at Sierra Entertainment and Chris McCue Senior Engineer at Day One Studios to see what all they have planned for the PlayStation 3 and their experience with the hardware.

PSU: What additional content and graphical enhancements do you plan on including in the PS3 version?

Geoff Bent: For the PS3 version of F.E.A.R. Day One Studios created an exclusive bonus mission that allows the player to see what happened when Delta Force first arrived on the scene at Armacham after Fettel and the Replicas invaded. The level echoes events in the Watchers level in the main campaign and is unlocked by beating that mission in the Campaign play-through.

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Violater4272d ago

to burst his bubble, but i hardly think this game is going to have a good reception. 1 for me b/c it looks like another crappy port, and I am never going to buy a port.

D3acon4271d ago

I've heard that the graphics were not as good as the 360 version but the graphics were still good. I think the additions of the new maps and a new mission along with a new exclusive weapon would make up for any short comings.

The guy being interviewed seemed positive on the ps3s capabilities and the fact they were working on a changing development platform is amazing, since then Sony has been releasing a lot of middleware that should bring more AAA titles out a lot sooner.

From the things I've heard about this game it still seems to be a great title to pick up, I've been waiting for a more tactical shooter (Rainbow six) but I would be willing to purchase this title to satisfy my First Person Shooter needs.

Shaka2K64271d ago

Hot with exclusive content not found in the x360 version this is a must have.