Reggie on Metroid: Other M possibly being M-rated, teases MotionPlus support for Galaxy 2

Will Metroid: Other M be the first M-rated Metroid title? Probably not, but President and COO of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime wouldn't rule it out.

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qface643474d ago

this was on the gametrailers interview
hes not really saying it could be rated M he just goes on to say that will be up to the ESRB he never really implied it might get a M rating

it all started with Geoff asking if the M in other m stood for it being rated M
come on now you know that's not what it is

also not just reggie but that lady the VP of marketing said galaxy 2 when she talked about motion plus

knox3474d ago

i think youre mixing up interviews, ive only seen reggie say something about smg 2 and motion plus

qface643474d ago

no im not it was on the episode of gametrailers tv right when the show starts hes talking to reggie and they talk about metroid

and gametrails has the interview with the VP of marketing as well

knox3474d ago

i dont think itll be rated m, its gonna be t

Hiruma Youchi3474d ago

Teen . believe that.

Other m looks kickass

ChickeyCantor3474d ago

Even if its rated E, the trailer looked awesome.

n4f3474d ago

i agree even an ''EC''(early childhood) wont make me stop playing metroid

Reibooi3474d ago

Based on the trailer it looks very much like a T not a M. The other M clearly means something else and has nothing to do with the rating as Reggie says.

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The story is too old to be commented.