Details of Japan's rape game ban leaked

Details concerning the new Japanese rape game regulations have emerged.

A leaked fax from the Ethics Organization of Computer Software (EOCS), sent out to member companies, details the new regulations that were agreed upon at the emergency "rape game" meeting held on the 2nd of June.

If genuine, we can expect the following regulations to start to come into place in Japan from the 5th of June...

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qface643889d ago

wow i dunno what to say about that .__.

but the 2 quotes from those devs LOL

iamtehpwn3889d ago

- Hentai computer graphics (essentially the erotic scenes) involving actual sexual violation must not exceed 20% of a game's total HCG count.

xabmol3889d ago


"- No scenes promoting a criminal offense are allowed."

this IS a joke.

zoneofenders3889d ago

i hope them can ban GTA as well.........LOL

however, i think H gmae has gone a little bit too far.......

Reshun3889d ago

Due to the long red stick block going down that one deep hole to clear out a huge chunk of blocks which was said that it resembled sexual intercourse.

Gun_Senshi3889d ago

I wish to download this game to see what the hell all this fuss is about

Sangria3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

It's not worth it, really. People hype it way too much, especially when we know how much vast is the dôjinshi and erogame industry. Molesting is a part of japanese porn culture, just like facials and shaved genitals are a part of american porn culture.

Rape, incest and lolicon are a big part of that japanese virtual porn industry. And after all, no one ever complained about Gary Roberts' art, which always involve BDSM and rape.

And finally, as a game, it's really lame. Bad cameras, bugs a bit everywhere, lame animations, repetitive dubs... You have way more chances to become a serial killer playing Gears of War than a becoming rapist with Rapelay. Exaggerating a bit, Rapelay is to video games what Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam (the movie known under the nickname of Turkish Star Wars) is to cinema.

sukru3889d ago

Turkish Star Wars was at least trying

Perkel3889d ago

haha people will walk the streets with banners (fck of from us)

samura3889d ago

They should ban "All" forms of media that contain the claimed material.

Why is it only games every time?

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The story is too old to be commented.