Resident Evil 4 Wii Screenshots

Some page scans from a Japanese magazine showing some screenshots of the forthcoming Wii game.

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Robotz Rule4268d ago

I wonder why they are making another Resident Evil 4 for the Wii,if the Gamecube version is backwards compatible?,more missions/gameplay?enhanced graphics?

CompGeek4267d ago

Looks like the GC version, what's going on?

PS360WII4267d ago

It has all the extra stuff from the PS2 version and is 'on par' with the cube graphics (which is a shame) I do think they should at least polish it up a bit you know. Besides the extra content it will also be sporting Wii controls.

Anyway, I'm sure the reviews will go "Great game if you never played it before, but the added Wii controls really don't justify an addition purchase of this game"

Great game it's just finally coming to PC for all them non-console lovers and heck why not give it a new way to play it with the Wii Remote and numchuck (<- me a bad speller ^^ and spell check didn't even know what I wanted to write ><)

ITR4267d ago

It probably will, if textures and frame-rates have been bumped up, not including the extra content and the price.($29)

scarlett_rg4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

Well, not everyone who has a Wii had aa GC. And not everyone who has a GC actually played this game.

I actually almost bought the GC version of this game 3 weeks ago. For obvious reasons, I'm glad I didn't.

eepiccolo4267d ago

This'll be another port just like Twilight Princess was. However, it will include at least the bonus stuff that was in the PS2 version, if not more. And you'll get to aim with the Wii remote, instead of a joystick.

There were "framerate" issues in some parts of RE4, so at the very least I imagine those will be fixed in the Wii version. In the original, the engine blured things to try and cover up the lack of framerate. This is most obvious in the outside area before the house where Mendez attacks you and Ada saves you (can you tell I played the game a lot?). They may use better textures and lighting, also, and it should support true widescreen (the GC version was just letterboxed; you couldn't horizontally stretch what was normally displayed to work better with a wide TV). But beyond that, don't expect any other graphical enhancements.

However, though I own the GC version, I will also be buying this one for three main reasons: 1) I won't have to break out my wavebird to play it. 2) True widescreen (I have an HDTV). 3) I didn't get the PS2 version, so I've never seen the bonus Ada material. I can't stand the PS2 (using the analog sticks on the controller is uncomfortable for my large hands).

For people that already own a version of RE4, I think there's plenty here for an RE fan. If you're not a fan and already own own it, though, you probably won't buy it. Simple as that.

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