Nintendo's Rapture

"With E3 over, and Nintendo showing off it's software lineup, I couldn't help but wonder why people can't pick up on what Nintendo is doing.

Sony and Microsoft both showed their expected motion controls, but Nintendo really didn't seem to care. Nintendo has it's Blue Ocean Strategy and they will stick with it through thick or thin. The disruption of Nintendo is finally being felt like never before in games, but with Sony and Microsoft already having huge processors and showing their motion controllers, what will Nintendo do?"

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qface643889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

easy just keep doing what they are doing sony and microsofts motion controls won't release for some time so by the time they do come out they just do a price drop and there you go
also new colors seems to make sales go up especially in japan

not to mention the wii is the name the casual gamer recognizes for all their casual needs

after reading that article i see what the guy is implying
i actual agree on the last thing he said

Product3889d ago

Brand recognition is something that does sell. The Ipod is a pure example although I will say I feel Nintendo and Apple provide very intuitive interfaces which help them sell as much as they do with the limited tech compared to their competition.

qface643889d ago

yes i know what you mean me and my brother were talking about it a while back
there are mp3 players that do what the ipod does for a much cheaper price there are some that even do way more and things the ipod can't do

but people get the ipod for the brand name that it is

just like over here the people that can't wait to get the newest jordans over priced shoes but its the brand name that people look for

N4g_null3889d ago

Here is a question, how many of the HD gamer actually played wing commander? Many claimed to play star fox yet how many can say they loved wing commander. That game was praised like it was better than any thing else for years but look no one is even asking for a sequel. Yet mario 2d we still want.

The HD gamers believe that any gamer can get an HD console and an HD tv. They also believe that higher priced games are fine for kids. Another thing is they seriously need to make more friends if they don't understand hardcore POWs. Yes prisoners of war, the gamers that fight a good fight and leave the war due to it becoming some thing else or either growing up. People don't do that voluntary either, they are dragged into parent hood and high stress related work places and relation ships.

Yet you will have many many kids grow up looking at dads HD console and playing a Wii. If they don't get one at their house then they will get to play it at a friends house. Every thing about the gaming media is like having a bunch of player who could have gotten a neo geo back in the day. These guys don't care about gaming continuing they just want to impress their peers which are most approaching 3o years old.

So far only nintendo is making games for younger gamers and people who are actually new to gaming. I mean maybe this is why nintendo did not impress them because maybe they ARE part of a different market.

It is up to MS and SONY to now keep that market alive now. The motion controller could be the one thing that kills it. If they are successful some dual stick people will hate it. It they are not successful it may expose how crappy their whole idea of gaming really is. Then there is the shovel ware that is waiting to be ported since most of the big shovel ware makers also make HD games....LOL

You will see these gamers get even more frustrated as these AAA games continue to sell to the same people.

New super mario bro will sell because of it's game play. It is very addictive to people that see this game as easy because they will get to see what a challenge really is. I'm also betting that the warp zone will be there for the unskilled yet the hardcore will play the game all the way through.

This is why I say acquiring of skills and the practice of them is the reason why gaming is addictive. The art and every thing else are there to reward skill on correct quick time button presses.

The whole thing really did start in the arcade. Watching entertainment is not a skill and if they entertainment only brags about specs then it is using that tech as a crutch in case the entertainment does not entertain. The sad thing about playing or watching HD gamers game is it is much like looking at or being couch potatoes.

I thinking the HD hardcore will praise the motion stuff but will not really buy it or support it in development. They all will be trying to out do crytek next year I know every one I've talked to is.

rawrockkillz3889d ago

This article was a very good read. I can't want to see what else Nintendo could have in store!

REPLOID243889d ago

just need to sale more wiis and get the next console ready to stay ahead of the game. it's not my favorite system, but it is a winner $ I know it won't happen, but I want to see a high horsepower nintendo console. nintendo 1st party devs+horsepower=drool.

keysy4203889d ago

nintendo doesnt need to do anything. they have the eye motion camera announced by ubisoft. they have the casual gamer, sonys motion is targeted toward hardcore so they dont even compete for the same crowd. as for m$ they are trying to get the casual but they didnt learn from sony eye toy eventhough they copied YOU NEED A REMOTE natal was the most useless piece of hardware/ software at e3

hatchimatchi3889d ago

I don't think anyone is gonna surpass nintendo anytime soon in the sales department.

I still think the wii is the weakest out of all 3 systems though. How many peripherals can you have? Wii fit is pretty much useless outside of the game it comes bundled with and the vitality sensor, i have no idea what that is about.

So yes, nintendos strategy worked flawlessly but i feel like the original fans of nintendo have to suffer because of this new found success.

At least that's how i feel.

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The story is too old to be commented.