OXCGN Red Faction Guerilla Review – Bringing Down The House


"Red Faction: Guerrilla is the very loose sequel to the previous-gen Red Faction 1 and 2 first-person shooters. The name change should be a clue that this isn't a direct follow-on or prettied up expansion – Guerrilla is something new for the series, and all the better for it...

I also got the chance to visually compare both 360 and PS3 versions of the game, but more on that later."

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gaminoz3881d ago

Destroy! The demo was pretty fun, but I thought it all looked a bit bland. The diversity of what you can do looks like this will be a hit and it was under my radar up to now!

XboxOZ3603881d ago

I was really really iffy about this game, but when OXCGn had a hands-on with Resi 5 earlier, THQ had RF:G sitting in a 360 at MS_Syd offices, so I thought, what the hell, let's give it a bash

I couldn't get off it. It wasn't final build or the demo, but it was excellent.

While the guys killed zombies (the walking infected - sorry) I just destroyed building with the walker and the sledgehammer. Plus the explosives were fun as well.

It's a good score for a great game.

really duh3881d ago

Picked it up last night its good. The missions get hard and you have to plan for them.

REALgamer3881d ago

Got a good balance between tactics and run 'n' gun.

You can go around setting up mines and smashing guards with the hammer to avoid detection, but you always know it'll end with you blowing the **** out of everything. =)

I managed to do half that mission where you need to take out the wind turbines on foot - just chucking mines behind me as I ran and detonating them as all the jeep/tanks were trying to run me over.

It's like the game is more fun when things don't go to plan and you need to improvise!

really duh3881d ago

Yep things can change in a instant and it seems like the AI will adjust to you when you die so you can't learn how to win.

The reviews were so so but I got so many messages from people saying its good. I was going to get it anyways because the multi player demo was fun and so was the single player demo.

REALgamer3881d ago

Wasn't expecting such a good response, it's at 86 on metacritic.

But I can see why after playing it - awesome fun, and the opwn world works really well with the destruction.

darkmurder3881d ago

Truly amazing game, the destruction in this is first class, this game is next gen right here.

Godem3881d ago

wow high marks... maybe ill give it a go..

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