GamePro: MAG E3 2009 impressions

As GamePro write, we've seen this emphasis on numbers before, and it rarely ends well. But MAG (short for "Massive Action Shooter") is actually getting close to figuring out the enigma of massive player counts.

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OmarJA3881d ago

"Breathe a sigh of relief, because Sid liked Zipper Interactive's 256-player take on the online shooter genre."...

WOOT! day one confirmed, sorry MW2.

ChozenWoan3881d ago

Day 1... Preorder baby!

After playing CoD4's arcady shooter, I got SOCOM:C which is more slow paced yet very tactical, then KZ2 which it in a sweet spot just between the two.

From the E3 videos, looks like MAG will sit in a nice place just between SOCOM:C and KZ2. It will have the speed of KZ, but be just a little bit more tactical. Which is good so that a battle will require strategy, but not take hours to complete.

I also like how they integrated tactical commands and info right into the CO's hud. At first I feared that the CO's would be stuck half the game in a top down view, forcing everyone else to have to defend them just to get their next objective. With everything in the Hud, it means the game will remain at a swat like pace.

Mmmmm MMMM AAAAAAllll Goood!