PSP Go Hands-On: Slim, Sleek, Sexy

Read on for hands-on impressions of the newly unveiled PSP go.

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Daz3419d ago

Slim, Sleek, Sexy and expensive :)

Game13a13y3419d ago

nah, i would rather buy this than the itouch

sniper-squeak3419d ago

..they would make a blu-ray version of the UMD... more capacity? and make the disk drive on the "New PSP" like the PS3's... just a slot.

I suppose they might think of that for the PSP2 if Digital don't go down too well...

C_SoL3419d ago

I would prefer to buy this then the Wii.

What is sad is that the Wii doesn't even have Bluetooth or a gig of space and the PSP is almost up to par with the Wii's graphics.

Daz3419d ago

or maybe just dont want to spend over £220 on somthing they wont really use ;/

Mindboggle3419d ago

The price is £179.99 in UK. Isnt that bad...Still expensive, but definetly worth it. Its only £20 more than iPod touch...

C_SoL3419d ago

from America? I'm pretty sure it'll save you money.

resistance1003418d ago

@Mindboggle - No it isn't. We thought that was the case, however GAME changed the price to £229.99 so i'll think you will find that its £70 more than a touch.

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Hiruma Youchi3419d ago

Who's actually getting the PSP go? I already done Got Me The 1st model than the Slim and hacked them both to play downloaded games and now theres another 1.

Jihaad_cpt3419d ago

well then its settled if this is to pricey get a regular PSP. Problem solved no?

Daz3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

i got one already ;p problem solved.

Tomdc3419d ago

then why you bothered about the price of the new one?

Bodster3419d ago

I will be getting one, i still have the first generation psp and its beginning to get a few cracks in it, so yeh, i am defo getting the PSP Go! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.