1UP: Gran Turismo PSP Preview

Most people assumed that Sony had shelved Gran Turismo PSP years ago; they had barely even mentioned the game since launching the PSP back in 2005. But one of Sony?s surprises for E3 was a fully playable version of the game and the announcement that it will release alongside PSP Go this October.

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PistolPumptMonk3422d ago

I'm truly impressed with how much quality is seeping from this title. The PSP continues to surprise me with games that are very close to PS2 quality, sometimes even better. I think Chains of Olympus was the real eye opener for me.

40cal3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

"it's the best looking handheld racing game out there, and it plays very well -- but it's also very much a "Gran Turismo" game. By that I mean it's not only a sim, but it also favors attention to realism over playability."

That is all I needed to hear. DAY ONE!

^^^^ Yeah man, Chains of Olympus is amazing for a handheld title. The moment with Kratos and his daughter was just sick, loved every second of it.

Armyless3422d ago

- I would love to show off my GT skills

Hydrolex3422d ago

ahaha enjoy changing your disks ! We will no more have Fatbots 360 pounds

Montreafart3422d ago

On the PSP:

- MGS peacewalker
- FF Dissidia
- Crisis Core
- Grand theft auto series

Now on PS3:

- The Agent
- Final Fantasy versus
- Final Fantasy 14
- MGS: Rising
- Gran Turismo 5

Finalfantasykid3422d ago

As much as I would like this game, it would be such a huge time investment to complete the game(or at least a significant amount of it). I think I'll just wait for GT5 as I would rather spend hundreds of hours playing a console game than a portable game.

But we'll see, I might pick this up :D

40cal3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I gotta have both.

I think the cars are transferable?

doctorstrange3422d ago

They said that that was a feature that they would possibly implement and would like to have, so hopefully it will come true.

Finalfantasykid3422d ago

Well if the cars are transferable between GT PSP and GT5, then that definitely sounds like a cool feature. But all I remember hearing was that they are transferable between other people's GT PSP game saves.

RememberThe3573422d ago

Sony is finally supporting the PSP! I've been waiting for this kind of support since the hand held launched.

Seraphemz3422d ago

I agree, Sony is finally showing Psp some love

Saaking3422d ago

I'm looking forward to GT PSP. I was pleasantly surprised when the October release date was announced out of nowhere. This is definitely a day 1. The PSP is getting so many good games that it's just unbelievable! :)

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