Turn 10 On Forza 3: No Game Competes with Us

Forza Motorsport 3 game director Dan Greenwalt is proud of his game. More specifically, he believes that Forza 3 has surpassed all of the competition, most notably Gran Turismo.

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Blaze9294397d ago

then yes, they are correct. Can do some really amazing things in Forza 2 and I'm sure it'll just grow even larger in Forza 3.

No game competes with them on that level. But they really need to shut up now.

JokesOnYou4397d ago (Edited 4397d ago )

but note he was ASKED to compare his game with Need for Speed and Gran Turismo....I mean that basicly his chance to sell his game, and tell people you're confident in your product. Its like asking a male porn star, "how does'...well you know.

edit: @Dragun619, yeah thats good, sounds like both men are proud about what their doing, BOTH Forza and GT are amazing racing games, anybody who says different is crazy.


PistolPumptMonk4397d ago (Edited 4397d ago )

Good point. But to say that no games even COMPETE? Thats a little much. Anyway only time will tell how these games stack up against each other. I will say that I don't think Need for Speed will be up there with the other two judging by the poor quality of the past few.

Dragun6194397d ago

"So, props to Kazunori Yamauchi-san and the PS1 team," said Greenwalt. "That said," he continued, "I feel that he's passed us the baton. Perhaps he hasn't meant to, but we have taken the genre to new levels and they've stopped evolving the genre. So again, tremendous respect to him, but I'd say the differentiator is they're old school." He conclued, "The emperor's naked, and I don't want to, you know, I don't want to slap him around, but no game competes [with] us right now."

Wow, Quite a bold statement even though Kazunori Yamauchi doesn't even know what Forza is.

Eurogamer: One of the things that stood out in Microsoft's press conference was the Forza team saying it was the definitive simulation racer. How do you feel about that?

Kazunori Yamauchi: I don't exactly know what their announcement was about, but we've evolved over 10 years through our history, towards GT5, and I don't know if it's something that can be compared.

ChrisGTR14397d ago (Edited 4397d ago )

forza and GT are really good simulator games,they each have their strengths, i do feel like GT has started falling behind in innovation and just giving us the same exact game everytime just with better graphics. forza has damage modeling,decal customization,body kits, online auction house, and a online mode that lets you play career races online.

now in the new one its going to have a video editor where you can upload the vid directly from the 360 to a WMV file.. thats just awesome right there. on top of that the graphics look WAY better than forza 2 did which i thought looked like crap.

snipermk04397d ago

Isn't it too early in the game to decide who's won?

lokiroo4204397d ago

HA,can i come with you to....

UnSelf4397d ago

the devil also believes he can beat god

jwatt4397d ago

Wow I freaking love this! Competition at it's best.

Why o why4397d ago (Edited 4397d ago )

is for the fanboy ear. You can sell a game without saying such things. It reminds me of the ted price vs cliffy b comments all over again and didnt T10 just admit that their game is 720 upscaled to 1080 after all their 'definitive' speak from a technical standpoint ¬_¬. Stuff like this can come back to haunt ya......just ask sony. SOME took offence to some of their speak and they got their comeuppance even for things they didnt actually say. Anyhow if this is the way he feels fit to promote his game then thats his business I just hope this hyping pays of for you guys because some will not let you forget it if sh!t goes belly up. Show some humility and people will respect you more than if you dont show any especially when you haven't even played the leaders game yet.

@ Darkeyes


@ iDystopia

[email protected]

Darkeyes4397d ago (Edited 4397d ago )

Tch tch.... You see this is what really pisses me off. Have the Forza developers seen how GT5 is? The GT developers haven't seen what Forza can do... So they are keeping their mouth shut... But these arrogant devs can't stop spewing crap from their mouth. Maybe Forza can out do GT5, but leave the conclusions after both game hit the market.

This is just bullsh*t said to hype the game. Just give some respect to the opposition for once. The GT series has been legendary and is around for a longer time. 50 million GT sold says a lot... People aren't fools to buy a GT game everytime it shows up. Ya Forza is the new kid on the block and has great potential. But if the Forza devs can give a definitive reason why Forza will be better in terms of gameplay and graphics compared to GT5, then give them or else STFU.

EDIT: Below
@iDystopia: You are the biggest troll I have seen here. GT4 not AAA.. jerk the game sold more than 10 million greater than any Halo.... Are you freaking serious. GT5P was a demo dumbass and yet it sold 3.7 million copies... Ya you jerks can bring up MetaCritics all you want... That is the biggest crap in existence... Take few scores who give 10 and take few scores who give 7 combine them and you have metacritic...

" Forza is the highest rated racing franchise. ".... Ya that is why GT franchise has sold more than 50 million copies world wide GREATER THAN THE HALO FRANCHISE+GEARS FRANCHISE+THE FORZA FRANCHISE COMBINED.... That is why Racers always prefer GT series.... Man I just want to see the look on your face when GT5 comes out. You guys just pray that the GT5 release date is nowhere near Forzas release date cause a 50 million franchise will steam roll over Forza..

iDystopia4397d ago

"Wow, Quite a bold statement even though Kazunori Yamauchi doesn't even know what Forza is. "

Maybe he should find out....Forza and Forza 2 were AAA rated and Gran Turismo 4 and GT5: Prologue were not.

Maybe he should take some tips, as of now, Forza is the highest rated racing franchise.

We will see if Gran Turismo beats Forza 3.

Hydrolex4397d ago (Edited 4397d ago )

and I believe KIA has the best cars in the world. Lamborghini is a joke, we beat them

They are not confident in their game, they are OVERCONFIDENT

Information Minister4397d ago

... The kind of articles we would be reading by now if PD were half as arrogant as Turn 10.

Why o why4397d ago

thats right....we compete with them ¬_¬

solideagle14397d ago

*Grabs the popcorn and sit relax while reading comments*
On topic: everyone can dream, i also dream that when i make websites it is the best in the market and even bill gates himself will admire me. :)


Bnet3434397d ago

I'm glad they have a lot of confidence. I like Forza a lot. The community aspect is amazing. Can't wait for Forza 3.

JokesOnYou4397d ago (Edited 4397d ago )

The bottom line is Forza3 is Forza2 with a new coat of paint and a few other upgraded features= Quality confirmed, the 3+ mil Forza fans including myself and a at least 1+ mil more will be buying Forza3= All around success ALREADY CONFIRMED. GT series is awesome too and will definitely be both quality and commercial success, so the fact that both devs are going to talk up their games as the best ever really will have little to do with sales, Forza fans are still going to buy Forza3 and GT fans are still highly anticipating and will definitely buy GT5, and the huge racing fans will likely buy both.


littletad4397d ago

Same can be said for Sony

"Next-gen doesn't start till we say it does"
"We don't care" (referring to what their competitors do)

Or even Nintendo. Seriously now, that's just silly logic. Pride is great, and a nice way to promote a game. And most important, their only made to alert the rabid fans, hence your cue.

fishd4397d ago

Weaker dog barks more



"Weaker dog barks more
;) "

so i'm guessing your going to keep this post short than huh.

RememberThe3574397d ago

You didn't play Gran Turismo 4 did you?

Millah4397d ago

lol this sounds exactly like Treyarch before WaW came out. arrogance, great isn't it? How about he just lets the game speak for itself.

aldesko4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

GT4 is one point lower on metacritic than Forza 2... is the line between AAA and AA that thin?

el zorro4396d ago

I am a huge racing fan and like I said in another news story Forza and Forza 2 already started to seriously win me over from Gran Turismo and Forza 3 looks so good now. I think it definitely might end up being the better racing/car sim.

Shadow Flare4396d ago

lol did this guy not see the gt5 teaser trailer? The arrogance is almost as bad as greenberg. Microsoft seems to be full of people like that. I'm looking at you Balmer

Jaces4396d ago

and yet GT seems to sell more...huh.

vhero4396d ago

I think they are talking 2009 since gt5 ain't out till 2010 and they might be right since he comparing it to prologue obviously....

el zorro4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

Oh please, he expressed how much respect he has for Mr. Yamaguchi and was respectful about expressing his opinion that his studio's game is better than the competition's. He's proud of his game and from what I have seen of it, he deserves to be.

If you want to stretch stuff the way you always do, you could say that Mr. Yamaguchi was disrespectful at E3 by not acknowledging his competitor's work and instead pretending like he wasn't even aware what they were working on. Yeah right. Forza is by far their biggest competitor and ideally he should have recognized them in some way.

I honestly don't think there was really anything worth making an issue out of in what either of them said, but I'm just making a point that it is all how you choose to look at things. I think you need to stop filtering everything through those anti-Microsoft fanboy goggles you are always wearing.

Edit: @ Jaces

Yes GT has definitely sold a lot more and should be recognized for its success and quality. But by the same token I wonder how many of you PS3 fanboys will acknowledge Halo's massive success and quality. You seem to want it both ways. You want to claim GT's superiority over Forza based on its sales success, but I doubt many of you would admit Halo's quality and superiority over games like Killzone 2 based on it's huge sales success.

INehalemEXI4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

Its funny you bring halo 3 and kz2 into this. The difference between both KZ2 and Halo 3 , and Forza 2 and GT5P is similar.

Halo and forza both lack the feeling of weight they don't have the advanced physics that KZ2 or GT5P does when you play these games you notice a sense of overcoming inertia , weight transfer realistic type stuff not so much in forza 2and Halo 3. Wont even go into gfx and animation. I owned both Halo 3 and Forza 2 despite my PS3 bias :D Halo and GT are games that drove there respective consoles success, no doubt.

The competition is good MS was shooter , shooter Sony like hey we need more shooter, MS hey we need something to rival GT... MS and Sony ....we need to out due wii mote.. I think both company's go back and forth and can say we out did the other this time and in ways be true. Yet in other ways and times like....this here is a bit far fetched to say you are in a league of your own. GT5 is coming and it will be competition. /mutters still is king of this sh!t IMO

There is a lot of times this hey we improved on this , this and this and the gameplay is damn near perfected.

The other guy say hey we got this co op, this mode and this feature ...but we still have the same gameplay. <- They wont say that though.

callahan094396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

They haven't surpassed Gran Turismo 5. They're saying that Yamauchi stopped evolving? That's ridiculous, they haven't even come out with their game yet. GT5 is evolving the genre immensely with licenses from NASCAR and WRC. That's huge. You're getting all of your racing content in one box with GT5. Also, nothing will ever compare to the dedication that Polyphony pays to realism. They go out there and they drive every single vehicle that they put in their game. They recreate the exact manners of each car, how they handle, what they feel like. They don't settle for putting you in a car that looks just like the real thing, they want it to FEEL like the real thing. To SOUND like the real thing. They record the audio of every single solitary car they put in the game. Every car sounds different due to the engine, the chassis, the exhaust system, and other factors that make every car have a distinct sound, at every level of RPM at every gear. And they've gone out and recreated that. The attention to detail to make every car look, sound, and drive like the real thing: that's what makes Gran Turismo the definitive driving simulator for true car enthusiasts. And Forza does not even come close to recreating that realism.

silenius4396d ago

Forza 3 looks very cool... -----> i think its been Developed for about 3 years.

GT5 looks slightly cooler... -----> but, its been developed nearly 5 years!!!

So in conclusion, if Forza 3 would have been developed for 5 years instead of 3 i think it would be slightly better... just my oppinion though...

ultimolu4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

Lmfao, this is funny.
They seem confident enough in their game, but their level of arrogance cracks me up.

Rock Bottom4396d ago

This statement has as much validity as them saying their game is graphically the best.

Why o why4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

its just arrogance doesnt seem to annoy you guys when its done by MS or their affiliates thats all. The rest of what you put i can pretty much agree with. But the commercial success is an afterthought for me. Quality is my priority I just feel they can have commercial success and critical acclaim WITHOUT the downplaying/arrogance

@Rock Bottom true

anyway im back of to the uncharted mp beta:) L8rs

marinelife94396d ago

Some things are so ludicrous its just hard to comment on them.

Susan Boyle

Rue Paul

Turn 10 developer statements

Richdad4396d ago

I think Turn 10 is saying too much but yeah, they have done some good job. Forza has customiztion but that is a very small part one more thing that Forza has that it suits anyone from a hardcore sim racer who like very realistic control to a NFS or Burnout Racer.

I have played GT4 and GT5p they were hard to get, good thing was that both were perfect games in every way but still where too realistic but Forza can appeal anyone not just hardcore. Even PGR could get tough but if you are getting hard time in FOrza lower the difficulty use ingame assistance you can catch up. So that why it has larger fanbase plus now it looks really good, the graphics are way too good. Its near the level of GT5.

insomnium4396d ago

"the 3+ mil Forza fans including myself and a at least 1+ mil more will be buying Forza3"

Do you have any idea how poorly Forza 2 sold BEFORE they started bundling them in? A console with 2 free games will sell a lot more than a console without any. So will those games sell more copies. I'm not sure how much water your comment about "3+ mil Forza fans" holds....Just FYI.

eagle214396d ago

It's just sad that people even consider this as competition to GT. I don't care about a superman painted VW! Maybe if you paint speedy on your car, you'll win a I do care about physics in my racing and GT is second to NONE. I also don't care who keeps wasting $60 after $60 on false hype and complain you want a $100 price cut?

52 million Gran Turismo's don't just sell on hype alone, they delivered something! GT PSP has 800 cars on a handheld. Remind me when forza does that!

dantheman15154396d ago

He knows what the game is, he is just acting like the other arrogant Japanese developers. In the bitmob podcast, the community guy for Turn 10 (cant remember his name, but used to work for 1up) was talking about how guys from the Gran Turismo team where at there booth taking notes on the game. So, take the arrogant Turismo statements with a grain of salt.

Matpan4396d ago

@Darkeyes 1.11

"You are the biggest troll I have seen here. GT4 not AAA.. jerk the game sold more than 10 million greater than any Halo...."

You do know the game reached that figure after THREE years out in the market, and that it´s time of release the install base of the PS2 was arround 85 million consoles... Don´t you?

Halo 3 did not only sell arround 1.8 copies on release, but reached 8.1 million copies after about 6 months of it´s release. And the xbox 360 had an install base of arround 15 million when it was released and 17 million when it reached those 8.1 million copies (more than a year ago, I´d like to see Halo 3 sales by now... and how will they be in one year)...

Of course... it´s a FPS vs a Racer... but you might wanna check the differences in the actual state of the consoles and the market :P

And Forza 2 Sold almost 4 millions... that is less than half what GT4 did, but then again... 360 had at most 20 million consoles out there when the game released, while PS2 had 4 times that number... So I´d say it did FAIRLY WELL for a second title versus a FOURTH title in a successful and proven series.

See I´m not bashing GT series (a great GREAT racer for realism lovers, I just don´t like any of them) but I´m trying to make the comparissons in a fair ground.

Forza has managed GREAT achievements as a franchise in just two games. But yeah, I have to recognize the statements this guy gives are quite bold. Let´s see the games speak for themselves.

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San Frandisco4397d ago

Forza 3: The rise and fall of turn 10

Phaqutomb4396d ago

we will have 400 cars.... ummm i mean hundred's

Sarcasm4396d ago

in 720p claiming to have the best graphics

dantheman15154396d ago

Look I know DVD9 is outdated, but what is the big deal about having two discs? If one is used to load to the harddrive, and is never to have to be used again. But no you idiots dont think and decide to flame, as usual. Last i heard Forza is comin this fall, and GT5 was barely announced, I wouldnt be suprised if Forza 4 is out before GT5. I will have fun with my console racing simulator while all you sony lovers can have fun with your portable game with PS1 graphics.

rareairtone4395d ago

We won't have to switch between the discs all the time...the second disc comes with stuff we will download into the hard drive and then we will always play off of disc one.

the downside is, people would have to bring both of the discs to a friend's house and install the second disc for a short time if the owner of the game or the friend likes a car or a track on the second disc.This would only be true, of course, if the friend wanted forza 3 to be on his gamertag...

either way, the way they are dealing with the lack of space is the smoothest idea i've heard regarding shipping 2 discs

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Raoh4397d ago


i havent smoked in years.. but i want some of what they smoking.. LOL

KionicWarlord2224397d ago

Well I for one think this game looks impressive , Dan Greenwal is just happy and confident this game is the best. Notable reaction. Ill be getting this. Cant pass on this.

dustinmacd4397d ago

Game does look impressive yes, but seems a bit arrogant for him to talk like that. Developers normally don't blast their competition too much, i know there's obvious criticism, but not flat out blasting.

Seems a bit like a hey hey look at me look at me attitude.

Gran Turismo 5 will be good.
Forza 3 will be good.

From looks
GT5 better, but im obviously not sure until I play both, which I will. I personally think Car models look better in GT5.

And also, does anyone know how long both games have been in development, id assume GT5 way longer.

KionicWarlord2224397d ago

Yes you or right. But he is very confident that it will succeed. Also what he`s saying is that its the best right now. He`s not referring to the future. The way i see it is that he sees his work and believes its the best.

Competition is a good thing folks.

XGRaViSmOrSX4397d ago

i just hope they paid more attention to car models this time around. i dont wanna drive around w/ a del sol that has the wrong year bumper on it or a civic thats badged as an Si yet is RHD.....seeing as how the usdm Si coupe never existed in

that is one thing PD destroys anything in, attention to detail.

el zorro4396d ago

Yes, but he also expressed how much he respects Kazunori Yamauchi and seemed sincere that he simply thinks his game has surpassed what his competitors have done.

It's like in a UFC pre-fight interview and a fighter says "I respect him, but I definitely think I have trained harder and am the better fighter". It's the same kind of thing. You can respect someone and still respectfully think that what you are offering is better.

snoopgg4396d ago

but I wish it had more ai racers on the screen at once. Just like gears, the 360 is only capable of so much on the screen at one time or they faulter somewhere else. They should have taken a hit on the offroad sceanery. I mean its only my opinion, but a few more racers to overtake the first position would have been better. This is why I like Gt better. They have more racers to compete against. Eight racers make it seem alittle more real. This is also why I liked Risistance 1 and 2 over Halo and Killzone 2 over Gears 2. This is not a rip over Forza, but something that would improve their game. More racers on the screen at once!!!!! I personally could care less about all the custom paint job malarchy, just a good racer that feels real.

Darkeyes4396d ago

This is where the PS3's CELL comes into picture..... GT5 is running at 1080P+60FPS+16 player+Twice the cars... (twice as many as Forza) on screen... Compare this to 720P+60FPS+8 players.... Even I am not bringing Forza down, but fact remains a fact. GT5 is better looking, with more AI and things happening on screen. That is where the emphasis should be more than over stupid paint jobs.

And just look at the arrogance these Forza devs are portraying... That is what pisses me big time. GT5 devs could have blown this fact in the face of Forza devs, but they keep their mouth shut and are humble.... That is why I respect them more. I just hate when one dev targets the best in the market to make their game look supreme... Cheap way of getting hype.

Let the games come out and then decide which one wins.

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ChrisGTR14397d ago

SDF in full patrol tonight ^^^^

Sarcasm4396d ago

Aren't you the one who says "who cares about racing simulators" yet you are in all the F'in racing simulator articles?

ChrisGTR14396d ago

well i do have forza 2. i dont really care about it but i just bought it cause my car was in the game.