Why Sony's E3 Conference Took Home The Crown This Year

PSX Extreme writes: "Yeah, yeah, we're PSX Extreme so of course we say Sony won. You say that, I instantly retort with a simple, "shut it." I'll tell you flat out who I thought won, as I've done in many years past when Sony clearly didn't win, but I think it was painfully obvious this year."

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PistolPumptMonk3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Yeah well this whole winning E3 thing is getting kind of ridiculous but I will say that I think Sony had the best conference.

Microsoft's conference was decent, I kept waiting for some bombshell game announcements but they never really came. Instead we got a rather underwhelming tech demo that I don't think will do much for games that I'm interested in. Some people would argue for Metal Gear but that doesn't seem like a very big deal to me as it is multiplatform, not an actual sequel, and it doesn't involve the best developer of all time (in my opinion).

Nintendo was more of the same from last year although I think they did improve due to the announcement of some good but expected first party titles.

I think Sony had the best conference because they just unleashed GAMES. So many videos, so many big announcements, they just kept coming. I just feel super excited about owning a PSP and PS3 after that conference and I didn't feel any more compelled to buy another console after it was all said and done.

I don't understand why people are always so focused on innovation in controls, even when it doesn't seem like it will work all that well for most games. I would much rather see innovation in gameplay and graphics as that is what has brought us to where we are today. I would be perfectly satisfied to keep playing increasingly more amazing games with a controller until something amazing like virtual reality comes along. Luckily thats exactly what I plan on doing, with some help from Sony.

morganfell3425d ago

Well the issue with the Natal controls is...well it doesn't look like it's controlled. When she is dipping her hands in the water it looks more like someone on screen is doing it and she is trying to guess which way they are going to go. It looks absolutely fake.

The fish? Here:

Old tech already.

Immortal Kaim3425d ago

meh, enough with the Natal debates, guess we will have to wait and see.

So Morgan, how was E3? Any hands on with games that stood out?

San Frandisco3425d ago

damn pistol,you wrote to much man lol... i only read the first paragraph and by that ill agree with you ..

"Two thumbs Up!"-San frandisco

morganfell3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

IK - I just got back a few hours ago. Ninja Gaiden II really surprised me. I did not have this game pre-ordered. My time with it changed that. Wow!

Sorry about the quality - snapped with my Iphone. I do have some video from my Flipvideo HD I'll have to get posted.

It was playable in the Sony booth and the Tecmo booth as well. I will say the Sony booth was using Sony HDTVs and the Tecmo booth was using Vizios. A huge difference in the quality of the screens.

SOCOM FTB 3 is the most impressive PSP title since God of War. The Co-op rocks. The controls are tight.

God of War I even need to say anything else? It is unGODly.

The Uncharted MP and the Co-op were super memorable. I see a lot of my life going down the drain playing that game.

We played about 15 minutes of MAG. It was only a few of us so we didn't really get a sense of scale. I am withholding judgment on this one until the beta.

Batman was a game I was unsure about. The demo opened my eyes there as well. It looks even better in person. One of the Joker challenge rooms was available as well. I was laughing like hell. Just hilarious as the Joker method of combat is off the wall and downright dirty fighting.

I didn't go behind the scenes and play a lot of games that were behind closed doors because I was down there for business and it wasn't for the press. E3 is mostly a press junket. There were a few I got my hands on though that were not on the show floor. I think Aliens versus Predator - not playable on the floor - is a game that has a lot of possibilities. It is running a custom engine from Rebellion and the trophy kills are slick. They have done a great job mimicking the movies.

A game I was really disappointed in was Rogue Warrior. We did an evaluation for Bethesda about a year and a half ago. Zombie was building the game then and it was running Unreal 3 at the time. The game had a lot of rough edges. I wrote 4 pages alone on issues with game mechanics. But there were some flashes of brilliance in the design. The game was aiming for 4 player co-op and it looked gritty, mean, and addictive as hell. Best underwater swimming ever. I guess Bethesda listened too much as right after that they took the game away from Zombie, dropped the U3 engine and made it a one man 80's action movie. Personally I think that ruined what could have been a really good game.

We met with Crytek as well. They were not at the show but instead they were up the street a ways from the center at a private room in the Wilshire Hotel. We did see Crytek 2 on both the PS3, 360, and PC but I can't talk about that.

One game that fooled me was Homefront from Kaos. The trailer looks ultra bland and I even said so on this site. I was dead wrong. I was right about the trailer playing out front of their booth but when we got the closed door demo that changed everything. It was pretty impressive action. The multiplayer is up and running and very solid right now though that was not available. They are concentrating on the SP right now and hope to ship in the 2nd half of next year.

CH products has a panel that floored me. They were running a small booth with Black Shark and the coolest monitor ever. They sent me one of the panels and it arrives here on Saturday. That will change PC gaming for me forever. It would be great to see this function on a console.

I'll post pics of it tomorrow night. You basically print out any picture you want of anything. place it under the cover. Drop these control switches onto the plate. Configure them with the software mapping tool and it works. You can run controls for everything from a game to Outlook.

BTW, the same monitor from NEC was running at the Alienware booth. $8000.

I focused mostly on Sony products and multiplatform stuff. Not out of the fact that I am a PS3 fanboy but because of limited time for my own fun. I did have a go at Splinter Cell and some Wii titles as well. I am glad that Sam is no longer emo Sam but some of the stuff such as tagging is right out of Rainbow 6. Still the game looks and plays quite well. It should be a blast. No word on MP right now.

Not impressed with the Nintendo stuff at all. I was planning on getting the Conduit but I think that may take a dive. The AI in there is the worst. What good does it do to have a good looking Wii title and have enemies that run up against you and keep running - not attacking you?

Another disappointment? No playable BFBC2. I was really looking forward to that. I played several other titles but that's all for now.

One final note - UndeadKnights from Tecmo. I saw a Tecmo staff guy playing it and couldn't see he was using a PSP piped out to a small HDTV. I thought it was a full size console title. That is a slick looking game. Definite preorder for me.


E3 isn't a competition, it's a conference.

MS, Sony or Ninty can't care less who showed more or better. They care about having the costumer happy. Obviously some conference will make us, gamers, happier than others, but this is variable from gamer to gamer that just trying to point the better conference is pretty dumb.

It's even more dumb than pointing game of the year (like if everybody should like those games).

el zorro3425d ago

You might think it is lame, but it is just human nature to want to compare and discuss what has been shown of something you have an interest in.

I should point out that even shows like CES and NAMM have their respective press discussing and eventually deciding on which company had the best showing.

I don't see anything wrong with it. It is just one more facet to the gaming industry and hobby we can discuss.

evrfighter3425d ago

well I sure as hell would hope that a web site called psxextreme would tell people that Sony won. To declare anyone else a winner would have been pretty sad.

Maddens Raiders3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

this is a competition to the end and may the best company win. All of the companies are faced by fanboys. From the days of Kutaragi, Moore, and Phil H., to Kaz, Tretton, Kim and Greenberg - fanboys all.

To say that "winning" an E3 presentation isn't persistent in their thinking is to heavily dabble in naivety. With all of that said, SONY took E3'09 by storm in classic fashion, albeit not with the thunderf*king they gave to the minds of fanboys worldwide in '05. The PS3 was simply engineered to exceed and outperform the competition in a sustained campaign, and I haven't even mentioned the revamped power of the PSP. Kutaragi is a genius plain and simple.

INehalemEXI3425d ago

... I am pretty sure that is automatic win.

/looks in the rule book

Immortal Kaim3425d ago

Cheers. Sounds like a great show all round. Hopefully I will be there in person next year.

morganfell3425d ago

E3 is a competition. The companies are competing for bragging rights and sales. All you have to do is spend 10 minutes in that place and watch everyone from hardware manufacturers to software publishers and developers to the journalists themselves trying to get the one up on each other. Make no mistake, it's a competition whether you see it that way or not.

I did not murder him3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

"PSX Extreme writes"


JasonPC360PS3Wii3425d ago

Its PSX Extreme, don't need to say more :)

Aquanox3425d ago

They were singing "We are the champions" and describing somehow exactly how would Sony sweep the floor with Microsoft at this E3 and now they're hard trying to justify why one should even consider the posibility of a Sony victory in contrary to what all major sites say.

They're officially now the new SDF.

SaiyanFury3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Well it's obvious there's opinions from every camp. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. All of them had great presentations, but for me it was Sony. They were the company that announced the most games and less gimmicks designed to appeal to non-gamers. Nintendo has a great foundation with it's Wii and Wiimote, and MS is coming forth with it's own motion sensing with the whole Natal thing. Sony has their own that they previewed. That kind of thing will never appeal to me as a gamer as I might be getting on a bit in age. I love my PS3 because of the games coming for it, not because of the console 1-up race they are all having with each other. Did Sony win? Who's to say? Does Sony have a plethora of games coming, yes. In that respect they won for me. Did the others have great experiences coming? Yes, and for that and for other people, those other people win. The company that wins is based on the individual's perspective. If a person loves the things that MS delivers, then they win. If Nintendo is coming with things that someone who loves Nintendo will love, then Nintendo wins. It's all about perspective. Ultimately, it's not about who wins, it's about who you like and the content they are producing that wins.

callahan093425d ago

Why can't these journalists just focus on telling us about each individual game? Just give us the facts. I want to know about the games. Tell us all what we can be excited for in the future. Instead we just get one gigantic pissing contest about who "won." Look, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all showed me games that I'm going to want to play when they come out. Period.

N4g_null3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

I wonder why this is posted in the Wii section? Any way the conference was great for every one. The biggest question is will the games shown grow the markets for SONY and MS? I mean new super mario sold like 18 million and I know grown people that have been waiting on that game. Nintendo's motion+ comes out this month and it works great, notice how no one had bad things to say about resort and PS3 fans even cheer for the same bow mini game that will be coming out in a month's time.

Maybe you guys will not get a new system which is fine but nintendo is adding a 18+ plus seller to their X mas line up along with the 3d game.

It was nice to see what some of these HD games ended up being and how they played. I'm glad the uncharted guys made part two more dynamic but that game play is still a little fussy. We will not find out who won E3 till X mas really. That is what this show is about right selling games? Will the games shown help the PS3 out this holiday? Can it past the xbox 360? We are not talking about processing power here or we got more games, look out side of your fan base and wonder what do other people think.

2010 is going to be a good year with many of these games finally coming out and even some of the motion controls may be in your HD games by that time IF they work. What about 2011 though? If you notice many said they do not feel the need to buy a new console. So will we go forward with a stagnant number of players on all console expect the Wii? The hardcore for the PS3 and xbox 360 seem way too stubborn right now to try out some thing the other system is not getting.

I have to ask what is driving your fanboy nature, lack of money, lack of fun games, bragging rights, hurt feeling, or pure support for technology?

We had so much hype so far and little results from the HD camp and lots of claiming this or that is the best. If HD gaming fails what happens to all of you gamers supporting them? It would be impossible for it to fail right but crazier things have happen in the last few years.

There are other people out there that would love to make a console also...

I'm wondering though do you guys even care that most kids don't have access to console games? You guys don't see this as a problem? How many AAA disappointment do you think you guys have before people just stop playing?

We seems to be getting more features than games these days. This is across the board with all hardware providers. Yet seriously 2009 and 2010 is going to be too big for one show. There where simply too many games to show on all platforms and the media simply turned to opinion pieces. It's the easy way out since most of you want to argue about stuff like this any way rather than talk about games.

mastiffchild3424d ago

I can't agree that E3 is any kind of competition-how can it be esp when the things people judge it by are largely unquantifiable and always subjective?

We like different games which is why GOTY means nothing to me so how can there be real accord over a question like "who won E3"? There can't and a competition HAS to have a winner otherwise it's just a debate without conclusion.

The way E3 is done is a waste of time and money that would be better used elsewhere(like , Sony, advertising games before they release)rather than showin off game vids that could be released anyway they like. I think it's more about wooing the press if I'm hobest and as an ex reporter I assure you they love a free ride/junket more than most but the thing is they rarely work as your paper/mag/site will always have the same slight leanings it always had-to the local boy/company/interests and to those who spend most on ads. It's true, in my experience anyway.

I'd love E3 to have a point and for someone to be able to "win" it but it doesn't and you can't. And I cannot see it changing.

truewittness3424d ago

***Ceekay***...please stop reporting, you're bias. your going to take an actical FROM A PS3 SITE and report how they said the PS3 won E3? WOW, just WOW. i guess the the 360 fanboys should just post "Why Mircrosoft's E3 Conference Took Home The Crown This Year" from a pro-360 site. sony looked good though, i agree.

fanboys being reporters...not good.

DaTruth3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

No, Microsoft wins E3 because they have 1080p videos! Now that 360 owners can tell the difference, because last year there was no difference between DVD and Hi-Def. Now the highly compressed, streamed, 1080p video is so pristine. Now that the human races eyes have evolved, we can finally see the difference!

So, you can clearly see why MS won E3! It is as clear as the suddenly noticeable difference between SD and hi-def!

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Xwow20083425d ago

confrence was avrage-good with an impressive show case of natal,but natal is not for every game genre its a more causal also the release date is unknown.
Sony in the other hand showed alot of stuffs and GAMES lot of games and exclusive ones + motion controller(that can work with every genre and its work really well) + psp go.

Consoles are for GAMES, and sony showed that so they won E32009, don,t tell me MS won it with natal witch its still has flaws and no games for it + no release date and it will be pricy.

el zorro3425d ago

No, Microsoft won it with games, Natal and the other announcements were just a huge bonus.

They demoed more actual gameplay than either of the other two companies and they had the better lineup of games that will be coming out this year.

How many years can you count GT5 or Heavy Rain as part of the lineup? Next year when they have confirmed release dates then you can start including them in a comparison of lineups.

Xwow20083425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

quote((No, Microsoft won it with games, Natal and the other announcements were just a huge bonus)).
u mean the multiplatfrom games announcements(few exclusive games they have).

quote((How many years can you count GT5 or Heavy Rain as part of the lineup? Next year when they have confirmed release dates then you can start including them in a comparison of lineups.))

Alan wake say hi also i remember SC convection should ve been released on 2007.

chasegamez23425d ago

yeahhhhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyy

bullswar3425d ago

Playstation 3 won this year .... u must be shrooming the expired one. lolllllll

littletad3425d ago

Oh wait, is that coffee cake I smell?

dachiefsman3424d ago

Yes I believe it is good sir!

No FanS Land3425d ago

I still think that MS keynote was the best, but barely better than sony's.

LCF3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

I only seen 2 retail exclusives for the X360. Rest are on PC too. Last time I turned on my X360 was back in February with the 1st patch of Gears 1.5. I stopped playing that un-beta tested crap. MS showed me nothing to turn on my X360 and run the risk of RROD, E74, unreadable disc error (again X2) or even disc scratching and I get shyt for trade in.

For my PS3, I have yet to turn it off...literally. Games, HD movies, games, web browsing, games, movie rentals, games, HQ music playback with over 3000 audio tracks on my 320 gig HDD all on my theater system and more games. Even more games in the next year and a half. Isn't that why we are all here? For games? Everything else is just perks. Yea my PS3 has spoiled me, I cant think of any other device that does all that, for my HDMI, DTS master audio/Dolby true HD, 7.1 1050 watt surround @ 6ohms, 200 watt subwoofer x3 home theater system with a 46" Bravia sitting in my living room. All 15 of my friends and family has a PS3 because of reasons stated above.

This E3 did not give me a reason to hook my X360 back to my system. On the PS3 side, its telling me I need a better budget lol.

No FanS Land3424d ago

I prefer the PS3 also. But why get all advantage/troll out in one reply huh? MS just wowed us better with surprises, natal, XBL improvements, and they are more entertaining to watch. Sony's show was good but predictable, except for FFXIV and agent but even then they showed nothing of R*'s game. The last guardian, Uncharted2, and all other announcement were almost leaked. And anyway, it's games I want and I actually think Nintendo's was the best IMO because they announced two totally out of nowhere games, Metroid associated with Team Ninja and a sequel to golden sun. That, was a surprise for me.

WildArmed3423d ago

for me it was vice versa.
As cool as project natal is. I leaned towards the ps3 bcoz of the buttons/controller.
I'm not a casual gamer, so I dont see the use of project natal as of yet.
But the tech demo of swordsplay n archery got me interested.
a possible Zelda rip off 4 sony?

I think there were better highlights of MS conference than Natal (atleast for non-casual gamers).

But this was the best E3 yet, no doubt about it