The Exclusive Arms Race: April 2007 Update

Final Fantasy XIII. Metal Gear Solid 4. Devil May Cry 4.

Sony has been touting their "big three" since E3 2006, so it was a major shock when Capcom revealed that Devil May Cry 4 would be released simultaneously on the PS3 and Xbox 360. No timed exclusive. No special editions. Just the same game for each of the powerhouse next-generation consoles. Now, while some may scoff, is it out of the realm of possibility to think those franchises may jump ship as well? Metal Gear and Final Fantasy games have appeared on MS's machine before and with DMC4 already on board (the most obvious of the big three to make the jump), Konami and Square-Enix may not be able to ignore the money much longer.

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TheMART4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

"So with this lack of cross-polination of titles between the systems, it creates the mentality that a gamer only needs two consoles to get almost everything. With the Xbox 360's massive list of exclusives (along with all of the Xbox 360/PS3 only titles) and the Wii filling in the low-power and quirky niche (along with a healthy batch of exclusives that are only possible with the Wiimote), the decision of which two consoles to buy becomes clear.

It's still not over, but history has taught us that a company that is slow to give gamers compelling reasons to purchase their machine (the N64, the GameCube and now maybe the PS3) will be left in the dust by the more nimble competitors."

Everything I said all along...

Get Wii60. Or maybe get a 360 + a PS2 (for only God of War 1 & 2 it would justify the 99 Euro's it costs now -at least in The Netherlands-).

N64, Gamecube and PS3, yup, I think they are about right with that one. What is there up to august to look out for with exclusives for the PS3? What exactly?

360 has

Forza 2 (may)
Bioshock (june)
Mass Effect (june)

There you already have 3 of the 10 most wanted games around I think. At the end of the year blockbuster Halo 3. And all that other game goodness in between.

Nope Sony, you do too little, too late. Not even a few games that look good but are coming so damn late can change that. 'This is Waiting!'

@ Deepbrown (below)

Can you give release dates for these games?
Killzone 2. You've got to be jokin' right?

What has been seen of it besides the CGI trailer @ E3 2005? Anything? It comes out before August? Yeah right... And IF it comes, why is it so special?

You know Killzone 1 got scores between 6 and 7 average, right? I don't understand you Sony fanboys for real...

Lair: have we seen real ingame moving footage?
Heavenly Sword: Same although the screens from both games look good. But are they before August?

Ninja Gaiden Sigma: remake of a game already two years old. But well. It's a good game

Driver 5: don't know dude, but after the few first driver games that wasn't a blockbuster anymore really I guess

Everything with Sony is delayed, Rainbow Six, do you play it already? Played it since november last year. GRAW 2, playable demo? Did you have it? Had it for months. The game? Already playing it for a couple of weeks.

Launch games for Europe? Delayed. So for real. Those games you name I bet won't even come before August. At least not all of them for sure.

techie4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Until august?

Heavenly Sword,
Ninja Gaiden Sigma,
Driver 5
Dare I say KILLZONE? least 4 of the most wanted games before August. It's wrong to let the world know your exclusives when you have 150 games in development inhouse...

Mass Effect, Bioshock are stella titles. Both exclusive? Maybe.

What did the 360 have until august last year? The PS3 has to have a lot of big games this year to compete I admit that, but the 360 had a free run last year. The PS2 was exactly the same...The games didn't come until Christmas.

**edit** Marty mart, a few falacies in your post.

Have we seen ingame footage of Lair? Yus we haven't because you're not interested. We've seen a whole playable demo that looks as good as those screenshots.

HS? Have we seen any ingame footage? Yes we have. E3 my boy. A playable demo nonetheless. A demo that won HS the best looking game at E3 nonetheless. Research mart. All those INgame and playable.

Killzone? "between 6 and 7 average" how exactly do you get a between 6 and 7 AVERAGE? Surely that would be 6.5 average? Its overall average was actually 7.8. Not too shabby. Why do I think its sequel will be so good? I don't know; budget, the fact that Sony have challenged themselves to make it the best game...

But that isn't the point. You said "the most wanted games"...and Killzone 2 is one of the most wanted games for the PS3...

Ninja Gaiden will look new and it will feel new for everyone who wasn't in the blessed 20million that owned an xbox. Really exciting to see it come in June.

Release dates? I can give you some. Lair...between March and July July. Killzone...oooh rumoured for July 13th (just a rumour though mart, I'll give you that...but I've given you 5 games, not 3 as you have done). Ninja Gaiden...June 26th. Driver...July.

Now I really don't mind you saying those three amazing games are coming to the 360. I really don't...they are going to f*cking stella titles. But when you start screaming like a baby about things you don't know just so you can's beyond moronic, it's beyond a fan of a console you enjoy to play games, it's beyond...well maybe some others can add to that.

VORODOR 24267d ago

What's with this ridiculous 360/wii idea, for one i don't know why you would consider wii and 360 to be some sort of combination that would match up to the PS3, the way i see it Marty is your acting like a sales rep who is biased towards his purchase, you aslo sound stupid because your saying buy Xbox 360/wii instead of a PS3, your actually putting your console down that way because your making it sound like it can't compete with PS3 on it's own; which to be fair it can't. Now MARTY people can decide for themselves which console is better and has better games, i know what my choice was, PS3, the no.1 gamming machine around, it's delivered faster than MS has with the pishbox 360, i mean year 1 in review for Xbox 360, i don't see anything happening, all i see is a 20M fanbase being forced into buying a new console, you see MS tactic there, they discontinued Xbox 1, so people would be forced into buying the Xbox 360, so i wouldn't get to comfortable with the idea that there doing well what so ever.

Oh! And MARTY! Some of us don't have 24/7 to play games all day, we work instead, that's how we afford PS3, mabye you should try get a summer job or something, paper round perhaps then you might have enough for the 20gb model, just a thought.

BubblesDAVERAGE4268d ago

I see why they try and ruin your bubbles...Definition of a fanboy I like sony but i give MS their credit this genration they are competion...//and mass effect will be exclusive..but bioshock was orginally a ps3 game and its published by 2k games who need money right about now so u know wat that means..

Bigmac5734267d ago

MGS4 is exclusive and NOT going to 360. Why must these fanboys be so insistent?

ThaGeNeCySt4267d ago

even though Hideo said what he said, it's still not out of the realm of possibility.. i remember readin the same "DMC4 is still exclusive to PS3" and "Dante's hand movements cannot be done on any other console but the PS3" interviews right from the lead director's mouth then BOOM, .. it's multiplatform, that's all. Do i think MGS4 is comin to 360? doubt it, as do a lot.. but don't rule it out just yet

socomnick4267d ago

I hope it does I would buy it why wouldn't he want my money. :)

THAMMER14267d ago

The exclusive games issue will come down to the games budget and the ability for the DEV. to make a profit. If the shareholders are concerned about that they will req. to have the game switched to multi platform to secure that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Fans of the game do nat matter when it comes down to the cash. The publishers will walk all over your hart.

techie4267d ago

Not title :)

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