Square: Want more Chrono Trigger? Buy More!

Square Enix Senior Vice President Shinji Hashimoto revealed that the company wasn't very impressed by the sales of cult RPG classic Chrono Trigger on Nintendo DS during an E3 interview regarding Front Mission Evolved, a reinvention of the Front Mission franchise.

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qface643514d ago

why should we?
sure we all want more chrono but what would be the point of everyone going out and buying chrono on the ds only to have the next game appear on the 360 or something

seeing the way square-enix has been lately i wouldn't doubt it

if people went out and bough chrono trigger ds then at least give the people another one on the system it sold on

animboo3513d ago

their was a time that it wasnt always about the money for square, it was all about the fans and producing great games, sad that i cant say that for the square now.

Montrealien3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

The reason final Fantasy exist is because of the money, and there was not a care free time where square was doing games just for the people. Get that fairy tale make belief time out of your head. Square was going to close if FF1 did not sell well, they would not of continued and kept on making games if they did not sell, cause the fans wanted them. If you think these companies would keep on making games all while they where losing money all the time just to keep their beloved fans happy, you are wrong. And it makes complete sense to say that they would of made a new chrono trigger if the DS re-release would of sold well. Why would they want to make a franchise that has been selling less and less since the first one?

I think in the end it just proves that the Vocal minority on the internet don't have a the buying power, just a b*tching and praising power.

SpoonyRedMage3513d ago

That's pretty much what I've been trying to say Montrealian. bubbles up.

Montrealien3513d ago

hehe, yeah, didoh.

you know, I bet most people sitting at there computers here criticizing Square never even bought either Chrono Triger or Chrono cross. Ah the interwebs and its idiot savants.

SpoonyRedMage3513d ago

There's also the problem that many people reject sequels. Look at how many people irrationally hate Chrono Cross and nothing tells me that a new one would be any better recieved.

Even a jump from 2D to 3D can put off people, as is the case with the new Golden Sun. Many people don't like the look of it because it's 3D.

Montrealien3513d ago

Looking back at it, I think chrono Cross was one of the better PS1 RPGs, at the time I was also a tad disappointed but it was a very good game, Chrono Trigger was such a pinnacle game on the SNES for so many people I don't think anything could of topped it.

People have to accept change, I hate this attitude of the so called "purists" that think a game should always play like it did there first time playing it, it's like the crack head saying I want that same high I git the first time I smoked crack...IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! lol

IntelligentAj3513d ago

Maybe I'm in the minority but I enjoyed Chrono Cross more than Chrono Trigger and I would definitely buy Chrono Cross if they Re-released it. Hell I bought FF7 on PSN even though I have my original game discs for PS1. Unfortunately most people choose to complain about the game instead of going out and actually buying it.

And 100% agreed Montrealian

iamtehpwn3513d ago

Final Fantasy VII
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children on DVD
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete + Final Fantasy XIII trial set
Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus (I want my money back on that one).
Final Fantasy VII on PSN

and you STILL HAVENT remade FFVII.
so F*** YOU!

vhero3513d ago

Well how about they release it on a gaming console? I mean the DS is the most pirated machine of the lot and as much as they have sold RPG players tend to not buy them as younger and and more general audiences buy DS not hardcore gamers...

Godmars2903513d ago

Put the DS version on PSN/XBL day one, then if you don't get good sales, you have a right to bit*h Hashimoto.

D*ck us around on which HD console its on though, you lose that right.

Matpan3513d ago

Thinking there was a time when it was not about the money for a company is delusional... Companies need to mantain employees and other costs in order to keep running, so it has ALWAYS been (at least partially) about the money :P

GameGambits3513d ago

So every game has to sell like Halo3 and Gears2 in sales for it to be worthy of a sequel or remake?

I mean look at something like Killzone 1 to Killzone 2. That was time and money WELL spent on something that was not a great success at the first attempt.

I can predict a game of that stature in the future. Dead Space 1 I bet didn't sell remarkably, but the reviews and the praise it has will merit it for a sequel.

Square needs to realize if their REVIEWS for games were solid and they made enough to break even on what they spent to make it, then make a sequel.

Do they think FF franchise would've been a success if they just stopped at say FF3 because it sold less than what they wanted? Come the f*ck on. Take one for the team and PROVE to us what BS you are spewing is true. Make a new Chrono game, for PS3 only and back it up like you do the FF franchise. Guarantee you will have a system seller. Guaranteed.

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Kamikaze1353514d ago

They won't release a sequel or remake because players wouldn't buy a direct port (crappy extras) of a game over a decade old? Wow....oh well, screw them. Just make more Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games and STFU, lol.

BadboyCivic3513d ago

if gamers are demanding a remake or a follow up,why wait 10-15 years...
i dont think this company gives 2 sh*t about its fans...

LionMCK3513d ago

Yeah and all the hardcore gamers who grew up with Chrono Trigger/Cross and are requesting sequels are the SAME PEOPLE who own the DS- a portable system that is aimed towards preteens. Right Square? RIGHT? And I'm sure all they wanted was a rehashed game. RIGHT? Good work Square, nice to know you've thought this whole thing out.

BlackIceJoe3514d ago

Well I did buy Chrono Trigger on the DS. But does Square-Enix forget that the DS version is half a port plus remake. Not to say it is a bad game I like it but I would want to see a new version in the Chrono series over a remake. I have been waiting years for the Chrono Break game and now because the DS version did not sell well that could be the end of the Chrono series.

I would love to see how many copies sell on a new game vs a remake. So I hope the series does not get judged on this remake. Because I still think the Chrono series could sell well. Plus SE could look at may be new people bought CT and think if you get the people that bought that game plus the old fans the game series could do really well.

So I for one hope Chrono Break will some day come out.

Gun_Senshi3514d ago

Release a GOOD game and we buy.

Release Chrono Trigger on PS One Classics and/or XBL and we buy it.

Release bullcrap on x360 or DS and we won'tbuy

qface643513d ago

chrono trigger on PSN/XBL is ok
but chrono trigger on DS is all of a sudden bad?
what? .___.

if your going by pricing then i agree
but something tells me that's not the case

Mo0eY3513d ago

Let's see... a game that was released 15 years or so ago was remade for the DS... It took you guys 15 years when fans were begging and pleading all that time? And now you expect us to buy your game because you waited too long to causing your sales to be crap?

No thanks.