Only 12% who know about Vista will upgrade to it

A Harris Poll of 2,223 US online adults found that 87% were aware of Windows Vista but only 12% of those would be upgrading to it in the next twelve months.

The poll was carried out in early March and compares to a similar online poll in December where 40% were aware of Vista and 20% intended to upgrade in the coming year.

"In order to generate that 'WOW' factor, Microsoft will have to put forth a value proposition that will move the majority to the upgrade category in the years ahead." said Milton Ellis from Harris.

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eques judicii4272d ago

but right now my computer is too weak to handle vista... when i build a new computer i'll probably get it, you know, so can earn those halo 2 achievements ;-)

sovietsoldier4272d ago

many people like my self wont buy vista cause it has many problems, and yes it takes almost a new rig to get it working good.

Black Republican4272d ago

eventually wether we all like it or not it will become the "standard" like windows xp, this process however would take a long time.

I installed Windows Vista and every single program and usb device I had on windows xp works perfectly fine.

I do believe however after the 1st service pack for Windows Vista alot of issues will be resolved.

MY Suggestion is WAIT 2-3 years because that is when Windows Vienna will be released..

Vista = Windows ME
Vienna = Windows 2000

I think it will be a story like vista being like windows ME and vienna being like windows 2000

except vienna is going to kill it.

DEIx15x84272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

12% will buy a computer for Vista.
83% will buy a new computer that has vista to replace a dead one.
5% will die before there computer.