Post E3: Where Was Sackboy?

Don @ writes:

"During the Sony presentation, there was plenty of familiar faces, games as well as new ones that we have come to know and love. One of these faces is Sackboy, the new mascot for the PlayStation brand which has a game coming to the PSP. So, Sackboy did make an appearance at E3, but it was just a small one…on a Hand-held system."

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Raoh3888d ago

without reading the article i have to agree

lbp should have been at least part of the numbers presentation

dont just call it a mascot, make it a mascot

antt33888d ago

But I could swear that sackboy was plastered across nearly every video presentation that consisted game montages (for example, the opening vid, the PSP vid, and I think one other...)

Brixxer6003887d ago

Sackboy was taking a little back seat but he is responsible for a new genre "Play,Create,Share" , he gave birth to Modnation Racers and hopefully there will be other games of a similar vein to follow. Long live lbp.

You Already Know3887d ago

LBP for PSP was mentioned....but that wasn't the point to the article... the article fellas ahaha