PSXE: Red Faction Guerrilla Review

Ben Dutka and Arnold K: "To conclude, we liked Red Faction: Guerrilla quite a bit. It's the Martian equivalent to inFamous and that's a surprise to us. Guerrilla's gameplay is solid and enjoyable, boasting fun mechanics that really draw you into the game, especially with the amount of destruction you're capable of. It's also got an extremely impressive physics engine that calculates your destruction in a way we've yet to see. The mission structure may be a bit repetitive, but that's to be expected in open-ended games such as this, so it's a flaw that comes with the territory. Our biggest complaints are the lack of a decent story, not enough character and vehicle variety, and not enough diversity in the gameplay. We'd say they're small complaints, and that Red Faction: Guerrilla is surely worth a purchase."

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