Gizmondo: Project Natal Won E3, and Maybe the Motion Control Wars

Mark Wilson: "Wii MotionPlus will make the Wii better. Sony's very impressive motion control demo will be better than Wii MotionPlus. But Microsoft stole E3 and may have already won the motion control wars with the announcement of Project Natal."

Stryfeno25234d ago

Project Natal is a beast...MS take your time to do it right.

talltony5234d ago


-MD-5234d ago

It's actually "well bam!" not wha bam.

Are you a mexican?

talltony5233d ago

I know he says "well Bam" but if you listen to the remix of him saying it. It sounds like "Wha BAM"

-MD-5233d ago

Why do you play multiplats on your 360 if you hate it so much?

talltony5233d ago

But for your information I only have friends that own a 360 and also I always look to see which multiplat version is better before I buy it. I have bought all my games this year on ps3 Because every thing I bought has been better on ps3 this year especially the exclusives!.

-MD-5233d ago

The fact that you troll 360 threads bashing the 360 sorta gave me a hint... I have yet to play a PS3 game this year (save FF7,Resident Evil)

talltony5233d ago (Edited 5233d ago )

Why can't I be neutral to both sony and microsoft??? So because I look at all the news on this site you think I am bashing? Dude I own all systems so I can be sarcastic about any of them and I can stick up for any which one I please. Something you could probably never do.

Tr10wn5233d ago

Looks like MGOelite is really hurt by Project Natal, BTW Milo is an interactive game... is a game after all

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PistolPumptMonk5234d ago

Project Natal seems kind of cool as a tech demo but seems almost completely useless to me in the video game world. If the day comes when I have to wave my arms around, stick my legs out, and jump all over my living room to play my favorite franchises, I am done gaming.

But my real question is this. Who is this appealing to in the 360 userbase? The vast majority of 360 users are "hardcore" (for lack of a better word) gamers who probably won't be willing to drop the money for something like this. People who would buy their kids presents already have an image for the 360 in their mind and this probably won't change even with Natal.

My point is, if people are really interested in this type of gaming (which I'm not but judging by the Wii it is apparent many are), then they probably already own a Wii and won't be willing to spend the money for another console just for something like Natal. I just don't see how it could possibly be successful with the userbase the 360 has created and the saturation of the casual market by the Wii.

- Ghost of Sparta -5234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )


If motion-controlled gaming is what the future holds for me, then I won't be gaming in the future.

qface645234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )

im sorry but the thing i found the stupid based of the tittle alone was
"maybe the motion control wars"
seriously? are they serious? i hope they don't mean in sales or anything like that?

haven't read it yet im just not sure if i should even bother is it a normal article or is it just like all the others that have already been posted?

Rigmaster5234d ago

"It's easy to impress stupid people."

In this case it's more a case of easily impressing desperate people.

If you would have gone back three years ago and posted that all Microsoft had to hype from their E3 2009 show was EyeToy style motion controls you would have been laughed at as a stupid troll.

What else is there to hype from Microsoft's E3? Crackdown 2? The fake Metal Gear game that Kojima has disowned and has nothing to do with is too embarrassing to even talk about anymore.

Genesis55234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )

Whatever. I can't wait until it's finished and it turns out to be not as big a deal as these 5000 articles in the last 2 days are making it out to be.

By the time they ever get it out Sony and Nintendo will already be on to something else.

cmrbe5234d ago

The casuals offcourse. However MS is greatly mistaken if they think this will enable them to compete with the wii for the casual market because.

1. This natal tech will not come standard with the x360.
2. Its going to be expensive.
3. Its 2 years late.

For all the hoopla about Natal. It will end up just like the PS EYE last gen.

lokiroo4205234d ago

Seriously, there is a reason why nintendo passed this up, M$ taking sloppy seconds once again.

iamtehpwn5234d ago

You're probably still impressed with Lava Lamps or Nintendo Wii.

At least the wiimote can be used for more traditional games (Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, Metriod Prime), I have no idea how Natal could be practically used for traditional games.

original seed5234d ago

all the Sony Fanboys wine. Keep it up, It makes me smile :)

JokesOnYou5234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )

"Natal Would Be Too Good To Be True...In Nintendo or Sony's Hands
Other companies could (and have) made infrared body-tracking cameras. Why are we so confident in Natal? Aside from our positive hands-on experience, Natal has Microsoft middleware/dev tools behind it. Where few third parties have wielded the Wiimote with as much finesse as Nintendo, and Sony is traditionally mute on how companies can unlock the power of their complicated hardware architecture, Microsoft launches Xbox products with the software necessary to make them work. Oh, and Microsoft is approaching Natal with 100% earnestness, calling the platform "the endgame." Sony's motion control, according to Sony, is less important." -Gizmodo

Yep, yet another "positive hands-on experience". Those evil micro-bastards have paid off yet another site.

I think he's right because sony had some pontential with PSEye but never explored it further, Nintendo just wants to bring light-hearted casual games for the masses,(nothing wrong with that) micro is looking for that game changer to differentiate itself for more reasons than just their online service. Maybe this isn't it but it will be interesting to watch.

Poster #1
PistolPumptMonk 4 days 5 hours ago

"Overall I thought this conference was pretty terrible from my standpoint, that of a gamer who enjoys amazing games. I'm not interested in using my body as a controller, I actually really enjoy games with controllers. Also the thing with Milo seems cool from a tech standpoint but seems to defeat the purpose of real life."

-And yet again he's here in another NEWS THREAD ABOUT NATAL, my question to you and all the sony loyalist above is why do you keep coming back when you yourself have said "I'm not interested" ??? lol, hey maybe you could post 10 more articles about Kojima's teaser site and have a long discussions about what it means. lmfao


lokiroo4205234d ago


beans5234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )

"Who is this appealing to in the 360 userbase?

Ok...yes we know natal is on 360, but don't think for one second that it only appeals to 360 gamers. This device is for anyone (or gamers)who wants to jump in and try out the newest most revolutionary tech for gaming ever. Just ask your self what your response would of been if Sony were the ones to announced Natal. For the life of me I can't understand why some of you just can't get past the fanboy crap.

"My point is, if people are really interested in this type of gaming (which I'm not but judging by the Wii it is apparent many are), then they probably already own a Wii and won't be willing to spend the money for another console just for something like Natal."

The Wii and Natal are two totally different ways of playing games. If you think the wiimote is on the same level as Natal then you fail big time and just don't get it. Quit with the downplay seriously and give props were it's due.

edit below really duh: There just going to ignore those vids lol. funny how they work

really duh5234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )

Natal is #1 rated on XBL its the most popular E3 video.

All these anti Microsoft articles coming out of the woodwork suggest folks are all hot and bothered by Microsoft's E3 not just because Natal but because the 360 had shown games not to mention ones that prove the 360 isn't close to being maxed out.

el zorro5234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )

Natal was the best of the show. If these fanbabies think they are going to change most people's opinion by crying and making up ridiculous and transparently desperate excuses of why Microsoft didn't have the best E3 they have another thing coming. I don't normally talk like that towards people, but PS3 fanboys should be ashamed of themselves. Most people read the ridiculous stuff they write and just shake their heads.

Mass Effect 2 is looking so good. The graphics are improved from the first one and the combat is a lot smoother and there are a lot of new gameplay features and weapons. Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake also show that the 360 has plenty under the hood and personally look better than all games on the PS3 except for Uncharted 2 which looks just as good.

RememberThe3575234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )

MS didn't show how Natal could be applied to the hardcore audience.

Sony showed them using the new controller in first person, controlling an RTS, and literally fighting on screen. Like the guy demonstrating said, sometimes you need a controller to do certain things that gamers want to do. He picked things up in the environment and was in complete control of them. Natal didn't demonstrate this type of interaction. Kicking balls and talking to a kids was pretty cool, but I can't see how that could be applied to the kinds of games I want to play. Sony's new controller was showed in ways it could be applied to the games I enjoy playing.

PistolPumptMonk5234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )

Actually I just like being involved in current gaming news, even if I think it is something that isn't going to be that great. I never said Natal wasn't interesting, its interesting how much people act like it is the best thing since sliced bread.

The reason I am in this threads is because commenting early allows more people to see my comments. This means that more people will respond to what I think, allowing me to continue the discussion before the thread dies in a few hours. I thought you had been on N4G long enough to understand something simple like that.

I had a long week at work and I'm too tired to play more games so I would rather see whats going on on N4G. People like talking about hot topics, even if it is just to say they don't like them. Is that really so hard to understand my friend?

EDIT: @beans
I don't care if you believe me or not but if Sony had announced Natal I would be just as skeptical. They didn't show how it could be applied to hardcore games that I enjoy in any way. It has nothing to do with who announced it.

morganfell5234d ago

As I said elsewhere, I am not saying it is fake. I am saying it looks fake. Want a demo similar to project Natal? Watch some cheerleaders on TV. As they wave their hands around try and mimic their movements. No matter how good you are you will lag. That is what Natal looks like. People can deny that if they want but they are kidding themselves. Watch here hands move in directions the image doesn't and vice versa. Zero precision.

The fish? Look at Sony's demo from last year. The game recognized a fish, made it into a tank and you could drive it around. Hardly proof from MS. For all we know all it took was for a white reflective surface to be pushed in front of the lens and it generates a fish. She likely could have drawn a square on there and it would come up fish.

No real time demo equals highly suspect. Especially considering the sloppy nature of the demo's ability to mimic her movements.

WAR_MACHINE775234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )

It's a new take on the eyetoy. How the hell does that mean MS had the best show? I had high hopes for the show this year and all I got was twitter, facebook, and camera that was made to grab a demographic that has long since passed the 360 up. I'm not saying sony's new motion deal is any better in fact I think both are stupid. I watched the show hoping for games and for the most part only sony delivered.