PlayStation LifeStyle: 100 Uncharted 2 Beta Code Giveaway - Round 1

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"If you are following us on Twitter (if you aren't shame on you, you really should be) then you would know that PlayStation LifeStyle has 100 Uncharted 2 Beta Codes to give away thanks to our friends at Naughty Dog.

We are splitting up the codes into 2 rounds of 50 (mainly due to how many vouchers we've had to scratch off!). So if you want a code, read on for details."

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dragon823879d ago

Good luck to everyone!!!!!!

MGOelite3879d ago

sent mine, you do realise by the time this is approved the codes will be gone

Sev3879d ago

The giveaway has been live for about 5 minutes now. You should still have a chance.

MGOelite3879d ago

anyone know how im gonna get this code? though my email or though the private message on lifestyle

kratos1233879d ago

sev i was very disappointed in you this week why didnt you post us the rumord content vore this week

gamesmaster3878d ago

sent mine in very quick, but i doubt i'll get one, nice to see the codes up for grabs though, keep the news coming sev. will have another bash on tuesday.

lifestyle handle: blackjack1988

Sev3878d ago

@ Kratos,

I was in LA @ E3, I couldn't do the research necessary for a proper Rumored PS Store Content.

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DJ3879d ago

Tried out the Uncharted 2 multiplayer at E3, and it's actually pretty good.

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The story is too old to be commented.