The Portable Gamer Review: iZombie - Death March

TPG writes: "I wouldn't let the brevity of the game stop you from grabbing this if you like the idea of killing wave after wave of the infected. You are also able to unlock cheats that improve the types of weapons you can use, never-ending horde mode, invincibility mode and a story only mode. If you're really into this type of game these winnable cheats should keep you going. Overall, this is a neat little zombie game to have if you're just trying to kill a little time, and a few undead."

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roblef3880d ago

Who doesn't like killing Zombies? They're already dead, anyway, so is it really killing?

wondroushippo3880d ago

*crying* Leave zombies alone!

CrAppleton3880d ago

Yay! Kill those undead bastards!

wondroushippo3880d ago

I don't know whether these games are good or bad - they're good because they're fun and they prepare us for the zombie revolution. But aren't they also preparing the zombies? I mean, some of these people that play these games are going to become zombies eventually, and they're going to know how to properly attack the zombie revolution, deep down. We can only hope for the Robot Revolution to cancel it out.

CrAppleton3880d ago

ROFL.. very true.. they're preparing the zombies for the fight.. well then again.. if I become one of the zombies.. I'll be glad I had these games :)

wondroushippo3880d ago

Yes, all of a sudden becoming a zombie sounds like a great idea. All these materials to zombie more effectively, so I can consume as many brains as I want. It's gonna be awesome. Might as well be on the winning team. Goooooooo Zombies!

supercharger51503880d ago

Only six levels? I think I may pass

MaCkTeHkNiFe3880d ago

Remembering Milo, i think we should be more concerned with the technological enslavement of the human race than a zombie revolution.
(Provided Milo was real, of course)