Harmonix Denies Rock Band Pricing Rumors

After this was the reported pricing for Rock Band and it's accessories by Gamestop:
- Rock Band [Game] -- $59.99
- Rock Band Guitar -- $59.99
- Rock Band Wireless Guitar -- $79.99
- Rock Band Drum Set -- $79.99
- Rock Band Microphone -- $39.99

An employee from the company responds with the official line:

"Let me nip this one in the bud right now. Those are estimated prices and not official in any even remote way. We haven't even decided on prices ultimately, much less announced them."

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Rooted_Dust4272d ago

Does anyone think the whole idea of this game is really stupid? If your motivated enough to get four of your friends together to be a fake band and play fake music while your friend does some bad karaoke why not just start a real f-ing band?

Mikey_Gee4272d ago

.. but to much money.

For the Game, wired guitar, drums and a mic it will run you a kick in the head away from $240 USD (then tax)

Hate to see in Canadian dollars what this would run.

$240 USD can get me a decent amount of games.

MySwordIsHeavenly4272d ago

I agree...but you KNOW people will buy it! I definitely will. For the price of a Wii, I can have my own band and actually have FUN! It's like the wii...with replayability...

Mikey_Gee4272d ago

I rather jam FOR REAL ... HOWEVER ... I am not trying to knock this game, I probably will buy it as well on a few conditions ...

1. My GH2 explorer will work with it
2. My buds on my friends list have it and we each have differenct instruments so it works out well.

I am concerned about over live and LAG if this is a time based game like GH2.

MySwordIsHeavenly4272d ago

I have concern for online gaming. IT BETTER BE GOOD!!!