FlatOut Ultimate Carnage Hands-on

After FlatOut 2 provided some serious levels of racing destruction last year it was always going to be a challenge for Bugbear Entertainment to up the intensity levels even further for this Xbox 360-exclusive follow-up. However, having spent a day immersed in the latest build at Bugbear's Helsinki offices, under the watchful supervision of Business Development Director Jussi Laakkonen and Producer Jay Ranki, IGN can safely say that Ultimate Carnage is promising to more than live up to its name and crank up the carnage levels to new, even loftier heights.

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DreDawgg064267d ago

This game will rock so hard, every 360 owner who likes games that are fun owe it themselves to pick this game up, plus support this great company.

jib4267d ago

i want this game bad

ben hates you4267d ago

xbox exclusive and this is gotta be Atleast a AA game

MySwordIsHeavenly4267d ago

Flatout's so cool...unless you've played other games...then, it's just lame.

Yeah...Burnout's more fun.

power of Green 4267d ago

This game is going to stellar i cant wait to drive cars in this game trying to get the car across the finish line in one piece Burnout's cool but its reminds me of Ridge racer the way the cars handle and is not as fun; FO reminds me off Midnight club Dub Edition but with damage and much more.

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The story is too old to be commented.