Prince of Persia: Rival Swords Review

Publisher Ubisoft has finally brought one of its biggest and baddest franchises, Prince of Persia, to Nintendo's next-generation console. Check out the full review of the game over at IGN.

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Torch4311d ago

for a Wii game, that is.

(Egad!...have I mentally downgraded the Wii's better-than-assumed capabilities over these few short months??? For shame, T0rchy!...FOR SHAME!)

Mighty Boom4311d ago

Very dissapointed in this game and the Wii over all... I feel like I waisted my money :( too bad gamestop wont take returns...

ChickeyCantor4310d ago

but thats with every console, if i get a PS3/360 now i will be dissapointed too, only because there isnt a game that i really like.
same thing is happening to you now.

PS360WII4310d ago

Every console like sidar said doesn't always have a game you want to play. Right now I've beaten my 360 games and only really really pop in Battlefield and Prey for some online action. PS3 is Oblivion - there are other games I got with the system but dang it if Oblivion is the only one I play (why didn't I get it for 360 a year ago!!!) Wii I don't have a stand out title I just kind of play them all. I guess if I were to have to say one game it would be Tiger Woods that's my hot one right now and if my arm aint sore...

Back on topic yeah sure it's a 'hey we'll put it on the Wii too' sort of game but still it is another title.

ItsDubC4310d ago

Ya I'm actually starting to lose respect for Ubisoft. I'd like to see them make more original Wii games rather than just porting over previous ones. I think I'd rather just pick up the GC version of this for my Wii. O well, in terms of Wii games, there's really only one thing on my mind right now: 3 days til Super Paper Mario.