Now Play drops PS3 to £399.99 with extras has bettered WH Smith's offer of a £399.99 PS3 by selling the console with extra items for the same price.

The online stockist includes an HDMI cable and a Blu-Ray film – Adam Sandler vehicle Click – in the package, which is sold for a full £25 less than Sony's suggested retail price.

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techie4305d ago

Good times :) the cheaper the better I say. Still noones matched Virgin £380. I hope it's cheaper by June. I don't see why they didn't start at £399 to begin with silly buggers.

HandShandy4305d ago

...It's because if they didn't, they wouldn't of saved up so much cash from the extra £24.99 and Phil Harrison wouldn't of got playboy holiday or something.

The lower prices make me sick, considering I spent £700 on my PS3. :(

techie4305d ago

£700? ok you must live in...i dunno...£700!? Diamond Encrusted?

PS3n3604305d ago

The price went up by $50 in canada a few weeks after launch. now with tax comes to $800 which is too much I am hopint the price falls this summer cause the games are coming soon and are looking good plus rumble is back in GT HD so controllers cant be far behind. Its almost as if Sony is listening or something cause everything I hated about the PS3 is being changed....except the damn price tag.

Mikey_Gee4305d ago

Keep droping that price and I will put a PS3 next to my 360.

Better yet, give me a SKU that is $200 cheaper with no BR drive and I will buy one today.

SmokeyMcBear4305d ago

but then you wouldnt be able to play any of the games, seeing is that every game for ps3 is on a blueray disc.. hmmmm

Mikey_Gee4305d ago

.. do they have to be. Remember the PS2 ... had that cool blue blue coating (and PS1 black coating) that some thought meant it was a specific media ... it wasn't.

You may be very correct, but I am not really sure to be honest.

Regardless, price drop is good.

techie4305d ago

The blue coloured ones on the PS2 were CD's :) COMFIRMED.