Crytek sits on the fence of the next-gen console war

Crysis 2 is on its way to not just the PC, but also the Xbox 360 and PS3. Surely this sequel to one of the best looking games of all time will finally determine who the clear winner of the next-gen console war is. Gameplayer has a look into what Crytek has to say on the matter.

"But then came the announcement that Crytek was buying out Free Radical to work on future console projects. The once PC exclusive developer is looking to dabble in the profitable console market and their first tangible attempt at this is going to be Crysis 2. Obviously, the PC will still be the flagship title for the Crysis sequel as it has that uncanny ability to be upgraded to ridiculous levels that support all of the eye candy that CryEngine 3 will have on offer (although this doesn't mean that a majority of PC gamers will enjoy it at its maximum potential). But never before has there been a more obvious choice of game with the potential to settle the 'which console has more beneath the hood?' question in a definitive way."

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JokesOnYou3877d ago

There is no war, outside of n4g, blogs, and media hype. The only thing that will happen is A. Crytek will make a kickass game for both consoles. -OR- B. Crytek will make a boring but great looking game on both consoles -OR- C. Crytek because of lack of experience/issues with either console will make a game that underperforms compared to the other console version. lol, The sun will come up the next day and we'll all still be playing games on both consoles. lol


donnie-21053877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Dont think crytec can decide anything as they have been primarily pc game devs for well over a decade and this puts a clear advantage to the 360s more traditional archeitecture.i think its up to sony and their 1st and 2nd partys who know the unusual ps3 design inside out to create graphics that show of the systems proess.if not well always have the other leads development debate