Microsoft Black Xbox 360 Elite Goodies Headed to Best Buy (Before Xbox 360 Elite launch)

News of Microsoft's updated and upgraded black Xbox 360 – officially and affectionately called the "Elite" – has been pouring in since New Year's. Although many gamers and even critics once doubted the company was truly interested in matching the PlayStation 3's hardware options, including HDMI and a larger hard drive, that's exactly what Microsoft has included in this bundle. Now, Best Buy sources are confirming that the Elite will haunt store shelves on April 29, although accessories for the unit could be available earlier.

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Mr Murda4267d ago

Can't wait for that 120GB HDD. Getting it as soon as my connection calls me from BB.

BIGBAER4267d ago

Will be mine... I will make good use of the 120 gig hd.

JIN KAZAMA4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

I would hate that i bought the premium, and now comes this Elite. Whats next year? The super Elite??? Also, why buy the Elite when you can get the core ps3 for just 20 bucks more and you have a blu-ray player, wireless motion sensing controller, with soon rumble also. And you can upgrade the harddrive to something way bigger that 120G for a lot less. I just dont see MS strategy on this. I am not bashing it, but I just dont see the advantage.
For all those people that say, well, Blu-ray is not the winner yet, but for 20 bucks more, its not that much of a risk. The PS3 just seems like a much better deal.

** Not a good analogy Syco. The PS3 has been out shortly, and it has good games to hold you over. R:FOM is a great game. Motorstorm is a GREAT game NBA street is a great game. The demos we have are FUN, and its keeping the PS3 owners quite satisfying. With Heavenly Sword, Lair, MGS4, etc...all these are GREAT games. And its less than a year of the launch.

Syko4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

I would hate that I bought the 60gig, and then had no games. What's next year? Still no games???

Now if you wanna clown the $180 HDD I will give you that one.

Edit:^^^To me it's not a better value because I want to play games and FOR ME the 360 provides this in two ways the PS3 doesn't it has a lot of AAA games out already, and just out of preference I like what they offer more than the Playstation brand this time around. And "With Rumble Soon" means I will wait till they fix the rumble, because I would be pissed if I had $100 worth of controls that didn't. and Sixaxis is mediocre at best not one game to date has made me think im missing out on anything, But at the same time I am hopeful that they will find a "real" use for it instead of a stupid gimmick. It's just not currently $200 better than the 360 if it was the same price (Even without Blu-Ray) I would be way more open to getting one now. But as it is I can wait, because that is what I would do anyway if I had one now.

Plus don't think for a minute I think the Elite was a good idea. In fact I think it was the worst move MS has made so far. They needed to hammer Sony and Nintendo with a price drop. Instead they technically raised the price. Just my opinion on things....

ASSASSYN 36o4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

Microsoft is using Yuri from C&C redalert to force people with his mind control to go purchase the elite system and harddrive against there will. Yeagh right! Noone is forcing you to buy anything the system is for those whom want to use IPTV and Hardcore Xbox-live marketplace users and gamers.

BIadestarX4266d ago

JIN KAZAMA, do you actually feel like anybody cares or want to know what you have to say about the PS3 being better than the 360? Dude it's getting old. You Sony fanboys keep repeating the same crap over and over. Who cares! Let people spend their own money on what they want. Some people don't want a PS3 or a blu-ray player. Period!
Someone's garbage could be someone else's treasure. Some people don't want a PS3. I know it's difficult for you to understand but live with it.

Vavoom4266d ago

I hear what you are saying about PS3, buying any hard drive, and the future rumble etc. However I have to ask you this. Okay 20gb PS3 with BlueRay $499 360E $479, upgrading your PS3 drive to anything above 120 gig will cost you another $100.00, replacing your stock controller with a rumble one, another $50 bucks, that's 649 after all upgrades. Now, If paying $20 more was all you had to pay to get the blu-ray drive with HD, headset, and controller being added, then I'd have to agree with you. So, lets make it even this way. Take the extra 100gb of hard drive space and put that up against the blu-ray drive. Personally I think I'd get more use out of the additional HD space. Then throw in the fact that you still will need to by a controller with rumble and a headset. (Things 360E would have came with it out of the box) Unless I missed something, I haven't heard anything about sony packaging rumble controllers with the PS3. But, please let me know if I am mistaking here.

It's really a matter of preference, what's worth the money to you 100gb of additional HD space or a blu-ray drive. What does blu-Ray movies cost these days $25-$30 dollars per movie purchase. Don't bring up the cost of HD-DVD, that's not in the equation for those of us NOT wanting HD Movies, however for the PS3 it's mandatory because there is no DVD option available. Picture this, had sony sold the Blu-Ray drive as and external add-on and include a standard DVD with the system, they could have sold the 60gb model for 399-450 also. Imagine how much things would have been different in console sales.

So, if I was to question someones strategy (Which I'm not) it would be Sony's.

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Black Republican4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

next year will be "xbox 360 Final edition"
the year after that will be "xbox 360 Final edition version 2"

I will buy a black xbox360 wireless control

I have no use for a 120gb because I only game with my xbox 360, If i Need to listen to music or watch videos I stream it from my pc using the xbox360 which still does not use the harddrive.

In Canada we don't have movie or show doanloads because it is not available here GRRR, so another reason why I don't need the harddrive.

HDMI, well I bought my TV few years ago so it can only do 1080i via component cables.


: )

eques judicii4267d ago

totally agree, i want black xbox 360 controllers :D

i'll probably sell 2 of my white ones and pick up 2 black ones

candystop4267d ago

I purchased a premium in Feburary and until IPTV releases I'm ok with the HDD space I already have!

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