Steam slashes 75% off Penumbra titles

Steam has listed it's weekend deal, offering Frictional Games' survival horror titles Penumbra Black Plague GE and Penumbra Overture--as well as a Collector Pack bundle containing both games--at 75% off.

Black Plague, typically running $15, can be picked up for only $3.75; while Overture's standard $10 price tag has been cut down to $2.50.

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mushroomwig3882d ago

I wonder why? *cough cough L4D2 cough*

dogmeat eater3882d ago

Then they put a price tag on it. Oh well, thats what the piratebays for.

MagicAccent3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

That's great news. I love the Penumbra series, a survival horror game that actually contains survival... and horror.
Unlike some games I know claiming to be part of the genre.