PlayStationLifeStyle E3 Impressions - Batman: Arkham Asylum

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:
"With the release date drawing, it was only proper for Eidos to bring a fully playable version of Batman: Arkham Asylum to the E3 show floor. The modes available were both the Batman and Joker Challenge Maps, as well as the beginning of the actual game itself. The first thing that needs to be addressed is that yes, the game looks just as good as the screenshots. Rocksteady has done a fantastic job with both the visuals and the game mechanics."

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Lifewish3425d ago

this game looks like it might be very cool

50CALheadshot3425d ago

i always liked batman. especially with the new bale movies.

villevalorox3425d ago

yeah, I can't wait for this game :) .. got to ply the demo at gamestop for a few mins, was nice ! :D.. they need to bring the demo out on the ps store.

haskell4203425d ago

If this game looked any better graphically you would think it was from a nudie comic magazine that had a boat load of air brushing..
But when u see the actuall gameplay, it looks as if your seeing "rendered" footage...and the Joker looks just sick! AWESOME!