Who won E3 2009? CNET Poll: Microsoft

E3 2009 is now over and almost 11,000 gamers so far have voted on CNET's Instant Poll for "Which company had the most impressive E3 2009 announcements" with Microsoft taking over half the votes. All three had a great showing but fanboy or not Microsoft did have a showing that has left the world in awe. Microsoft had many highlights but what was the one that shined the most?

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4pocalyps33424d ago

whats with all the articles from cnet fapping over microsoft?

Chicken Chaser3424d ago

Actually not only CNET.. 1up,G4TV,Gamepro,VG247,Gamingf ront Network all gave Microsoft's conference the highest score.

Lfmesquite3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

I've seen a few articles like this already. Claiming Microsoft is now leaving both Nintendo and Sony in the dust. And that the Project Natal gimmick is end of the world.

Now that PS3 is starting to get stronger better looking games than XBOX 360, suddenly websites want to talk about motion control.

XBOX 360 has 2 exclusive games I want Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake. That's it, and I'm still not even 100% sure Mass Effect 2 will stay exclusive.

Winning the conference doesn't mean anything. Nintendo did the worst and the Wii will still be outselling everyone.

Sony could of done better, they didn't show Heavy Rain or any footage of the Rockstar exclusive. Just because the conference could of been better doesn't mean they don't have those games.

HDgamer3424d ago

They showed heavy rain new footage. I don't remember any new gameplay before E3 that showed a cop in the junk yard.


yeah, a majority believes MS won, all of us were waiting to finally catch a glimpse of alan wake and splinter cell running on 360 hardware, it's cause these games were in development for so long.

you know the last e3 before this one, there was little of alan wake and nothing on splinter cell c.

there was also other reasons like seeing mass effect2, also seeing ff13's alpha running for the first time on 360.

i'm a bit surprised to see that mistwalker wasn't there, well, i'm still waiting on something from those guys, yeah hironobu said that he's going to show something this year.

xwabbit3424d ago

Lmao omg im laffing so hard, this 360 fanboy kids keep making accounts, its just 2 funny and sad Lol!

FamilyGuy3424d ago

How did i miss the Gears+ clone, Quantum?

It was on the PS Store and i thought it was multi but no, tecmo is making a gears clone exclusively for the PS3.
I wonder if the look of gears sells or if people just want the title now. It's claim release is Dec 2010 (yeah, far off) but i wonder how well it'll do. Sorry for going so far off topic but i just saw this game for the first time today.

Back to this story:
But CNET themselves gave the nod to sony. Them being a tech company they are aware of the possible negatives about M$ conference: staged videos, "BAM!" and the need to actually hold something. And maybe were a little impressed by sonys live tech demo of 1:1 motion tracking that looks applicable to gamers beyond the casual market.

Flipping though the interface with a wave of the hand looks nice though, but im %99 positive sony could put that out now for the PS3 Eye

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HDgamer3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Whats the prize. Absolutely nothing. In my opinion gamers won because we got to see whats coming out this year and next year so that we can spend all of our money on those developers.

On another note it will be guaranteed that fanboys will come in, choose sides and then argue over something instead of doing something on a friday night.

Sonyslave33424d ago

the prize is awesome the tears of million of ps3fanboys crying Sony had a better show MS paid them muther fvckers money.