TMNT: The official game of the movie review

1.Background info:

After defeating the shredder once and for all, the turtles are starting to grow apart as a family. Splinter notices some unusual things happening to New York City, and starts to worry about the safety of the world, as well the closeness of his family. But before any mends can be tied back together, all things seem to go wrong for the turtles. Tech industrialist Max Winters teams up with the foot clan to unleash an army of ancient monsters to take over the world. So now it is time for the turtles to put their differences aside and work as a family to once again save the world from the forces of evil.

2. Sound (7.5):

Let me put it to you this way, remember all the sounds you have heard in turtles games, well lets just say this game has changed a lot from its predecessors. The majority of the music that plays in the background is from the first official trailer of the game, and after hearing it repeat over and over in every level becomes annoying after awhile. The sound effects in the environment are nothing out of the ordinary. When the wind blows, the lame "whoosh" sound occurs, raindrops trickle on the ground, air makes a "psh" noises as it comes out of pipes, the list goes on and on. Weapons as always still sound the same, Leo and raphs swords and sais sound like real metal when they hit someone. Mikes nunchuks make that same twirling noise as always, and Dons bo sounds like a bo should when it hits someone, like breaking a piece of wood over somebody's head.

The sounds that enemies make during fights comes down to grunts, lame one liners like "hey look at the frog in the costume", and the sound of the weapons as they hit the pipes or any other weapons, the ever famous "clink", noise. The enemies also make the whoosh sound as they "disappear" when you defeat them, just kind of fading away into a mist and out of existence. Now I know this is a kids game, but something like that needs a bit of realism added to it after while. The dialogue that the turtles do provide throughout each level of the game has it bright spots, but ultimately points out obviously things that are happening in the game that you should already know about. For example, lets say there is a large gap that cannot be crossed unless you perform a team throw move in order to accomplish the task. And you know how to this and when you do it, don will say "hey mikey, toss me across", then mike will say "air don", after you have already accomplish this task and moved on to the next area of the level. Thus leaving this aspect of working together as a family feeling null and void at times. This type of meaningless dialogue is carried over into the boss fights, such as at the end of the game, the turtles have to fight a statue like creature called General mono. And here is the highlight of the dialogue, general mono says, "look at the puny turtles", and the turtles respond "we are not puny, we are big for our species". And here is his comeback, are you ready "mono big, mono strong ", wow now that's oscar worthy stuff right there. This just shows how uninteresting the characters really are.

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