GameZone Preview: The Conduit

Not since Halo 3 has there been a first-person shooter with as much anticipation as The Conduit. The ongoing promotions from Sega are only the tip of the iceberg. High Voltage, the developer behind this ambitious project, has been promising an online experience comparable to what you'd find on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. High Voltage also promised a host of graphic effects that, again, are closer to what the other consoles typically produce. That last bit of hype has been proven to be true – one look at the gameplay trailers and you can see that The Conduit is absolutely gorgeous.

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Shnazzyone3425d ago

since it is positive about the conduit in every way. Which brings up the point that nintendo powers reviews were done without online multiplayer.. maybe that is why the scores seem so low. They are missing out on half of what is going to make the game awesome.