Innovation: Behind Microsoft's full-body gaming interface

New Scientist talks about Microsoft's 'Natal' and the progression of motion capture and speech recognition technology.

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ShabzS3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

this is so far beyond video games ... its scary ... read the article ...

lip movement sensing technology ?.. that could be a pain coz of all the languages ... and since this is targetting more to social gamers ... the background noise can be problomatic for the voice recognition... wonder what they are going to do to solve that issue ...

theres obviously a lot of work in progress here .. but if they can get around and figure out these little things ... this could indeed be something amazing

really duh3423d ago

I think thats why so many people are hating on it because it could change gaming as we know it and Microsoft will be leading the way.

KionicWarlord2223423d ago

Everyone at first is always going be skeptical about something like this. I was, but still there`s no true demo yet. So maybe when there`s a demo (and have everything that it was said to be said to be in natal) then maybe it will be more accepted.

lokiroo4203423d ago

This is going to change gaming forever just wait!

ShabzS3423d ago

... its really an understandable reaction ... my jaw was literally on the floor when i was watching this live ... skepticism is really an inevitible reaction for someting this ambitious

MGOelite3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

if someone can explain to me how you play a fps with natal i will support it, i dont want to take my hands of the controller to throw a frag or summat

like ive said before its massivily impressive but useless for gaming. i could see it implemented into a museam customer services station or summat like that

KionicWarlord2223423d ago

Im wondering same thing it remains a blank so far. Could be with controller could be a different control scheme. Hopefully will find out soon.

xwabbit3423d ago

Yeah we here at MS never rlly even saw or heard this um ? what was it ? oh yeah this ps eye ur talking about so?

chaosatom3423d ago

Maybe with Xbox 720, they can come out with this thing and get it going.

really duh3423d ago

They could develop a Wiimote for this tech in no time, this is solid tech ahead of its time.

BRACHATTACK3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

natal is a huge success, do you really think Sony and Nintendo will just sit there?

No, of course not, they will release something very similar but with more features, like MS and Sony copying the Wii.


MS haven't won the motion sensing wars yet...

Ryo-Hazuki3423d ago

OMG ....Project Natal is nothing more than a damn eye toy just with added voice and body recognition. Lets get serious

really duh3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )


-RGB camera
-Depth Sensor
-Multi-Array Microphone
-Custom Processor Running Proprietary Software

The Project Natal sensor's microphone array enables the Xbox 360 to conduct acoustic source localization and ambient noise suppression, allowing for things such as headset-free party chat over Xbox Live.

The depth sensor consists of an infrared projector combined with a monochrome CMOS sensor, and allows the Project Natal sensor to see in 3D under any lighting conditions

Project Natal is reportedly based on software technology developed internally by Microsoft (gesture recognition, skeletal mapping, facial recognition, voice recognition) and hardware technology acquired by time-of-flight camera developer 3DV Systems. Before agreeing to sell all its assets in March 2009.

The custom processor doing all the hard work which leaves the core to get on with the games based stuff.

EYETOY is primitive dude in comparison. Get over it.

The relentless pesstimistic criticism and the "ME TOO" or "SONY HAS THAT" or "THIS IS STUPID IT WONT WORK" is proof people know Microsoft is on to something AND will put them ahead of the game. Microsoft could develop a Wiimote accessory for Natal in no time and better than the competition.

JokesOnYou3423d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

"if someone can explain to me how you play a fps with natal i will support it, i dont want to take my hands of the controller to throw a frag or summat"

"like ive said before its massivily impressive but useless for gaming. i could see it implemented into a museam customer services station or summat like that" -MGOelite

-uhm, so you really didn't want to know if its possible for fps because you already have come to the conclusion that its "useless for gaming", I mean why are you reading this news if you "dont want to take my hands of the controller", lol are you serious?

Here I'll just explain it from one of my previous posts on the subject:

The game begins with the camera mapping your location/distance while you do nothing more than sit in a set position on your couch=(All of this is performed by the ingame character while SITTING comfortably on your couch>>>>Turorial Begins: Game requires you to pick up a virtual weapon shown on screen>>>>You reach out grab it and hold it with your hands down relaxed comfortably with your forearms on your lap, holding a imaginary weapon same as you would do with a controller, it recognizes your hand position, the aiming point/sights for your weapon is now all you see on screen just as you would in any FPS=Wherever you fingers/hands point is where your WEAPON IS AIMED/FIRED.////Raise both feet naturally up and down twice, then stop=Ingame charachter WALKS FORWARD instantly and keeps doing so even WITHOUT you still moving your feet>>>>Lightly Stomp left foot=Ingame charachter STOPS WALKING>>>>Raise both feet naturally up at and down at a faster pace, then stop=Ingame charachter RUNS forward instantly and keeps doing so even without you still moving your feet>>>>Lightly Stomp your left foot=Ingame charachter STOPS RUNNING.//// While walking or running: Leaning slighty left or right controls the direction in which you move>>>>Turning your torso quickly=Ingame character FACING/TURNING AROUND>>>>Head movement to left or right, up or down=Ingame character LOOKS IN ANY DIRECTION.////Lift both feet off the floor quickly=Ingame charachter JUMPS>>>>Combined with running=Ingame charachter LEAPS FORWARD(over obstacles)>>>>Lean forward=CROUCH/DUCK>>&am p;am p;am p;gt ;Reach behind your back=CHANGE WEAPONS>>>>Swing your right forearm forward=MELEE ATTACK.

BAMM! FPS controls with Natal. I could keep going but as you can see with just a little imagination these controls are very much possible, sure it takes a little more effort on the gamers part, rather than pushing buttons but by nature "motion controls" require you to move your body,(ask sony) but it doesn't have to be nearly as an exhaustive experience as you think, the alternative is just sticking with standard controllers, thats up to you= All of this could be done by the making subtle movements sitting right on the couch, NOT flailing all around crazy as we see with many wii I described previously Natal will recognize when you begin to move your feet and instantly walk but its not like you need to do it continously keep walking to make your character move. Finally once Natal's full body detection is optimized and built from the ground up into any game, there's still the easy part of also having option of using a standard 360 controllers, for those rough work days.

Natal has some sophisticated tech like monitoring complex algorithms to figure out human motion and a 3D space mapping system, voice/face recognition and works in very low light etc....its not a 2D Eyetoy.


edit: I love to see exactly why whoever hit disagree's believes this isn't possible.

Damm, just imagine a Gears of War 4, where with just a quick flick of my wrist my chainsaw is revved up and cuting some poor mofo in half. Sa-weet!

really duh3423d ago

Its bad enough Sony fanboys are in a killing frenzy but now the Nintendo fanboys smell blood as well-for obvious reasons.

gambare3423d ago

Just an observation:

Nintendo had the problem and the anger of many gamers complaining about moving their arms to play a game.... now Microsoft wants the gamers to move their entire body to play? well... now it's time to check if there is some kind of racism against the Japanese products with this, Gamers complain about moving, but they will not with Microsoft about moving even more because it's and "American" idea.

UltimateIdiot9113422d ago

I've noticed this too. If Sony or Nintendo does something, it's ridiculous or waste of time but when Microsoft does it, the media and sheeps goes on and on about how it's the greatest idea/revolutionary it is. The sad part is people buy it.

Natal really isn't anything special and don't give me the BS that it has facial/voice recognition. That's just software.

The PS3 Eye has depth perception, if you don't believe me, go try some of the PS3 Eye screen saver thingy and look at past tech demos. The PS3 Eye also has multiple tracking which is demonstrated many times before.

JokesOnYou3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

At least from my perspective, 1 Nintendo for the most part is only making "casual experiences" that do not cater to hardcore gamers like myself, just look at 95% of nintendo games for proof.

Second wii, controls are all about wild over-exaggerated exhaustive movements, I think thats exactly how nintendo wants it too since that looks more fun to casuals in TV commercials than playing a normal traditional game where basicly its more about thinking/strategy gameplay mix.

This is alot more sophisticated in the control area, and most any game if done correctly would only require sitting on the couch, unless obviously its a game designed specifically to get you up and moving around. I'm only interested in how this could possibly be implemented in games like Mass Effect(voice commands) FPS, Racers etc and not in a gimmicky way but something that makes sense, with HD graphics and all the bells and whistles too.

"That's just software", -UltimateIdiot911

lol so its somehow not special or BS as you say because its all made possible by micro's proprietary software, lmfao you should find a better reason to hate it. lol


vvvv OK Ultimate, I hear you and I'm not going to be rude but seriously if you actually read what this tech offers compared to the PSEye and you still think "Natal is equal to the PS3 Eye" then the reason you "dont get the hype" is because you've already started your arguement on the basis of a flaw understanding of what we're talking about. I do agree however at this point sure its getting alot of hype, but thats just the nature of the industry to hype the "next thing", maybe this isn't it, but with the tech so far it definitely has the potential to be, why don't we just wait and see what they have to offer before we judge it a failure. By next years E3 if theres nothing worthwhile I will join you and curse Natals name.

UltimateIdiot9113422d ago

I'm pointing that out is because I've seen way too many people spewing facial/voice recognition as if it was an exclusive feature to Natal. The PS3 Eye have it also.

I'm not hating the Natal, but I see the Natal as an equal to the PS3 Eye. I'm hating the fact that people are not giving enough credit to the PS3 Eye and how many are blindly hyping the Natal as if it's new technology.

IdleLeeSiuLung3422d ago

It is not about the fact that it is brand new technology. All of this has been researched and attempted numerous times. It is how much they were able to move it forward to the next level.

As I sad before, it is like comparing a black and white tube tv to a HDTV. Both TV's, but miles different in complexity and advancement in technology.

People aren't giving MS credit for this. Motion capture is something used by large movie and game studios with expensive equipment. So naturally people are getting excited. From what they have shown us it is already pretty darn large step forward.

lokiroo4203422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

OMG just found really duh's picture, he looks so intelligent. Na-na-natal makes me happy!

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Lfmesquite3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Play a shooter, and you imagine you have a gun in your hand? Really?

I think people like holding the gun, it adds to the experience.

Just because it's different doesn't mean what people want.

The best thing that I see for this Natal thing is to be used as a exersice simulation.

Henry Cain3422d ago

Great comment bubbles for you

Kakkoii3422d ago

*Includes plastic gun with working trigger along with FPS Game.*

Oh look, you have a gun to hold! And Natal will track where your pointing and when your pulling the trigger! Or pull out your old Duck Hunt blaster and use that! lol.

Btw, FPS games aren't the only good games in the world.

Montreafart3423d ago

Its hilarious how all these "people" are so baffled and lining up to praise this fake technology and faked video of Milo and Natal.

Either there are a LOT of stupid people around the world or they are all paid by MS to say these things.

So take your pick, shiatty bots:

1) you are stupid.
2) youre a fking xbot.

RonDeMuerte3423d ago

yeah I saw the video for the's completely fake!!!

X-bots got fooled by those they worship...hahahahaha!!

Spike473423d ago

If any company led the way, it is Nintendo, even if it was with casual gaming.

And so far, Natal has potential, but has it poven itself yet? No, see I'm not bashing it, I'm just stating the obvious

dogmeat eater3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

All of this motion control garbage is just a gimmick. Please sony/nintendo/MS. Stop with this garbage. Invest your money into some good AAA games instead.
Edit: how could someone disagree with me? This stuff is just a gimmick. Who would choose some crappy motion controls over a AAA game? Sony,Nintendo,MS, have all just wasted millons or even billions of dollars on stupid crap. I would rather have some AAA games instead of this crap. I hope these companies come to there senses one day.

ChozenWoan3422d ago

enough with the motion controllers.... give me mind controllers. The tech is around and being the lazy dogs we gamers are... that is right up our ally.

Actually now that I think about it more, it would be kinda cool. "Don't just thing about hitting me... Hit Me!" comes to mind. Fighting games would come down to who could out think their opponent... literally.

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