FIFA 10 Fact Sheet

On the heels of winning 25 international gaming awards with FIFA 09, the top-selling football franchise from EA SPORTS is surpassed with FIFA 10. Responding to consumer feedback from more than 275 million online games played, FIFA 10 refines an already potent game engine, focusing on what matter most to fans..........

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50CALheadshot3517d ago


konamis game.


silverchode3517d ago

ima go with pes this time.

Stinkey3517d ago

09 was the best so i know 10 will be just as good. at least i hope it would

PopEmUp3517d ago

there no way in life I'll be buying this game lol maybe a rent tho since 09 wan't as good as people say, I thought the gameplay will make me change my mind about FIFA when it compare to PES but it was below my expectation, either way PES seem to kick ass this time around XD

SumRandomDude3517d ago

PES was a complete joke this year. Open your eyes you silly fanboy.

PopEmUp3516d ago

word coming from the Fifa fanboy, did you even play this year PES or what rofl

mbanatech253517d ago

my ps3 it was embrsd by pes 09 it looks lik a ps2 game.

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