"The days of consoles are numbered" claim PC bosses

Printer/scanner superstar Hewlett-Packard showed off its plans to enter the PC gaming market last night, and unsurprisingly there was an air of hostility towards those old-fangled games consoles the kids are talking about these days.

The first snipes came from a panel of industry leaders that included Games for Windows boss Rich Wickham and other gaming bods. "I believe the days of the console are numbered," said Trion World Network founder Lars Butler. "There is one more generation of gaming consoles and that is it," he claimed.

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ASSASSYN 36o4275d ago

Yeagh yeagh we read this story before. The end of the world type deal. Console will one day be struck by a metor yadda yadda. Doomsday is almost here whoop-dee-doo.

ben hates you4275d ago

i've heard rumors of the pc gaming going to end now this who cares

techie4275d ago

ASs360...yeah we read a stupid article like this before...but this one is new with HP's new game initiative.

shotty4275d ago

Well consoles are becoming more like PCs so its a natural evolution towards consoles as we knew them 5 years ago might towards multimedia pcs.

Sphinx4275d ago

People don't want to play their games on a computer screen all the time. They want to hook it up to their 42" HDTV.

fenderputty4275d ago

Another reason why is that, most people don't want to change out graphics cards and update their comps all the time to play new games. With a console you just buy it and are good for 5-7 years. The average gamer isn't all that hardcore and prefers ease of use. I think, in a lot of way, this is why consoles are taking additional routes other then gaming. They've added movie playback, internet browsing and other media driven aspects to consoles to appeal on a longer lasting level then just games. All consoles are doing this. To be honest, it makes a lot of sence.

ITR4275d ago

The problem with that is most PC manufacturers are already making 30-40inch LCD's which will include HD sooner or later. I believe Apple has an HD LCD coming out this yr. Probably to go along with it's Apple TV unit which is already HDMI ready.

Rooted_Dust4275d ago

It's really about how close you are to the monitor. When your sitting about a foot away from your Pc monitor, a 22" LCD screen will take up most of your field of vision, but if your sitting 10 feet away you need a bigger screen. And how many people really have 42" televisions anyway?

Rooted_Dust4275d ago

High Defenition is really only a resolution ex(1280 X 720). PC's have had high definition longer than TV's have.

TheExecutive4275d ago

Although I can plug my PC into my 61" I still love 1.) the couch 2.) the controllers... It is just so much more comfortable.

Mikey_Gee4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

I don't want to play on a 42" HDTV .... I want to play on my 1080p 61" HDTV ........


My lazy boy, a beer, wireless controller and a game is awsome. I love my PC as well, but my PC and Console server two different functions for me. My PC is for work and online research but my console is for fun. I don't ever see having a bunch of the guys over for beer and pizza and games and then huddling around my PC down in the bedroom while my living room with my big screen and home theater set-up just sits and does nothing.

Console WILL NOT be the death of PC
PC WILL NOT be the death of Console

dantesparda4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

People, you's do know that you can connect a PC to a HDTV right? i mean you's do know that most modern graphics card can output component video right? and the newest cards now have HDMI? and even my old a$$ 9800Pro has a DVI out (which you can use a DVI to HDMI wire to connect). And for the "controller". You can use the 360 or PS3 controllers on a PC too. And to all the people who think they they have to upgrade their PC cards every year (or whatever you's think it is) This is a complete and utter fallacy. I've had a ATi 9800Pro since 2002 and it'll play any game out there except Rainbow Six Vegas. And will play most games almost as good or even better than the 360. I can get at least 25-30 frames per second out of most games. Heck, i can even get alot of games to look better than on the 360, with all the features turned up to the max. FEAR runs better and looks better, PREY runs at 60fps with better textures, Oblivion looks better, NFSMW runs at a better framerate. COD2 has much better textures but runs at a lower framerate than the 360's. And the list goes on. However GRAW looks alot better on the 360 than on the PC, and Just Cause. And this is on a 4 year old system. So people stop with this a new card is needed every year sh!t. This is only true if you are trying to run it at the highest framerate possible. Or if you are missing certain features (like SM3.0)

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techie4275d ago

I think the boundary between consoles and PC's will blur...if HP release these things that are for gaming, then what makes them a PC. It's very strange. A table with a screen for everyone to play? Is that a PC or a console? So really they destroy their argument before they get going.

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