Aaron Greenberg Talks About Sony's Press Conference

What Aaron Greenberg from Microsoft had to say about Sony's E309 press conference? Watch the video to find out... Gamertag Radio exclusive video interview.

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pwnsause3424d ago

im not even going to press the play button.

MaximusPrime3424d ago

a close up of Aaron (is that him? believe me i dont know him) also puts me off.

WildArmed3424d ago

Thats retarded.
Its like asking a cat what it thinks about dogs.
Or asking MS what it thinks about Apple.

Can people be more retarded :D

lociefer3424d ago

not gonna click the play button either, that guy get on my nerves

Black Maverick3424d ago

To Summarize:

Basically he said they were happy with what they showed, other companies press conferences were "beating their chest too much" (*rolls eyes*), said he excited as a gamer about stuff from Nintendo and Sony, said they were surprised by the FFXIV announcement and it seems like they're already writing the check to get it on the 360. Not much else in there.

green3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Wow some of you are really funny, you guys really take this so called console war too seriously.He said Sony did a good job and brought stuff that is good for the industry as a whole. I am glad it was even a video interview because if it was not, some twisted fanboy journalist looking for hits would have turned his words around.

jdktech20103424d ago

it's like they don't realize it's just three companies trying to sell their products and aid in moving the industry forward

3424d ago
GarandShooter3424d ago

This guy is a riot. When asked about FFXIV he said something along the lines of everyone being suprised, but the way it was delivered is not quite the reality of that title. MGS:R anyone?

To his credit, he did give Sony more props than I expected, based upon some of the other things he's said.

3424d ago
3424d ago
Mindboggle3424d ago

Hes alot more down to earth than I thought and seems like a pretty nice guy...

Avenged Sevenfold3424d ago

Nah, just watch it. It's all good. He didn't make an ass of himself this time and complimented Sony and actually said some smart things. He was being a good sport. Both conferences were amazing and the gamers are the ones who win.

green3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Microsoft's press conference was great for Microsoft fans,Sony's press conference was great for their fans,Nintendo's press conference was great for their fans so why can't we just leave it at that?Have you recognized the fact that Microsoft also had a great show?

Sometimes you guys need to go out and experience the exchange of words between company chief executives in other areas like the auto,aviation and oil industry to see that what happens between figure heads in the game industry is small.Let me give you a clue, google Porsche vs Nissan,Nurburgring battle and see what comes up.If you here the exchange of words that Nissan & Porsche have had regarding the Nissan GTR's laptime's round the Nurburgring, you would think they are children,But what do car fans do, we laugh about it.

Why should i go and fight their fight for them, or defend their actions in anyway?Let them fight, break each others heads but as long as they deliver the content for us the gamers, then thats all that is and should be important.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3424d ago

OHOHOOOOOOO!!! Aaron didnt say anything negative about Sony. I'd give him a bubble but i havent seen him around n4g lately ;).

Nah I still dont like him.

ShabzS3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

i just stumbled over this through some random surfing ... and it totally rocks... gamespot has some indepth coverage on e3 and have demos of sc conviction, mw 2, masseffect 2, lostplanet 2 etc etc .... all the stuff they couldnt show at the conferences coz of time constraints check it out

they have the complete extended version of mw 2 and its really looking sweet and the sc demo is explained in more detail and by god it looks good

sometimes on n4g its easy to forget that we're all here to play video games yah ?

RememberThe3573424d ago

Wow. I had a higher opinion of you before now...

moeqawama3424d ago

Honestly man, i wasnt going to press the button either, but he really doesnt do any bashing. He actually says they had a good show and he's even lookin forward to some of their games. Only bashing he did really was about the numbers and graphs and stuff, but it was subtle; nothing to really cause any anger over. I dont like this guy either, but I thought he handled it ok

Trebius3424d ago happen to be the only person to make an ass of himself.

What we expected from greenberg happened with you, at least SOMEONE said something stupid :)

eagle213424d ago

The point is, most people have seen this guy behave quite the opposite. I wonder what you would say if he was off his medication when asked this question.....(joke lol). Aaron has stated in the past that he owns a PS3. He is what he is. That's really all I'm going to say. :)

FamilyGuy3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

There was no thought in my head of "not" watching the video, i came here to read or in this case hear exactly what he had to say and i love video interviews because they're harder to "spin".

He only said one thing that i disagreed with and that was about sony presenting FFXIV as something different than what it was. I don't disagree in the sense of him being wrong but in the sense of "now you get to see what it feels like" or Hypocrisy for short.
They %100 did the same thing (played with words) when saying that Metal Gear rising was coming to their platform. It's not that they should mention it being multi but at least not announce it in such a misleading way.

the other stuff:
well sony did talk about 24 million psn user and selling their planned number of ps3 units for the fiscal 2008 but it wasn't lengthy. They announced it and i was thinking "oh, M$s conference was just using the avoidance of that as their conferences' theme"

He seemed like a very different character than what ive read about in articles posted here. Like his ego shrunk or it had been inflated in text. Maybe he simply turned a new leaf...

Rainstorm813424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

i thought he was going to rip sony's conf.

since you 360 fanboy like to rip stuff just as much, maybe you guys shold take note in the new attitude.

IdleLeeSiuLung3424d ago

Whatever way he acted past, he is quite professional in this one. He mentions that sales figures are boring and people are here to see game related news. I completely agree. I don't want to hear about how great sales are. I'm looking at you Nintendo!

SuperM3424d ago

Actually Mr Aaron was alright in this interview. Not to much bragging and not so much pushing down the competition.

SaberEdge3424d ago

I'm glad it was a video so that people can watch it for themselves and Sony fanboys can't twist what he said in attempt to make him look bad.

I remember the last article about this guy and PS3 fanboys were lying through their teeth about what he said. They were all claiming he was disrespectful, but when if you actually clicked the article and read what he actually said it was obvious he didn't say anything wrong at all.

Here is a challenge for any of you who think Greenberg is so horrible. Find comments by Greenberg that you think are out of line and I will be able to find you the same kind of comments made by Sony representatives. Sound good?

The things I have heard him say that PS3 fanboys get mad about are just normal things that people in his position say. Sony reps say the same kinds of things all the time. In case you don't know, it is perfectly natural for a company representative to point out the strengths of their company and the weaknesses of their competitors. That is their job.

TruthBTold3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Aaron finally speaking like a the PR guy we want in the gaming industry. He shows respect for Sony's presentation and says he is excited as a gamer for what's to come. This is how you get respect from other gamers who admire games for being entertainment. If he spoke more like this I think Sony fans would stop hating and respect and also learn to appreciate the great games MS has to offer to the gaming community. As a gamer, and not even hardcore, I look at games to have fun and not to compete in some childish pointless competition that really wont give any of us anything at the end but just cause us to not enjoy seeing and playing great games. I like what I saw from MS and Sony and excited about the games I can play on my PS3 but also seeing how creative MS is with their games because they DO have great games. Nintendo has really become kind of dull for me. The last system I enjoyed was N64 but just went downhill after that. If everyone or the majority would leave the fanboy crap aside and honestly admit there are great games out there for both systems you would enjoy gaming much more. We have enough drama in our daily lives so bring it to our "hobby" is stupid.

@ SaberEdge: Sorry, you came off sounding like those "fanboys" you talk about. Both sides keep spitting stupid arrogant comments which only the "fanboys" believe. Both sound ridiculous when they say it so stop acting like its one side when its both.

PLAYWATCH3424d ago

I expected him to spit venom and burn a hole in my screen like he normally does.

pain777pas3424d ago

He was classy this time at least I'll give him a break for ONCE!

IzKyD13313424d ago

His answer wasn't as douchy(word?) as I thought it would be, but he is still and ass

SaberEdge3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )


You make some very good points, but you should know that your comment came off as somewhat fanboyish to me as well. You said Aaron is "finally speaking like the PR guy we want in the gaming industry" and I don't agree with that "finally" part at all. I've read most of the comments by Greenberg that have gotten PS3 fanboys up in arms and they were nearly always very normal kinds of comments for a person in his position to make.

So, by starting off your comment that way it sounded a lot like the typical PS3 fanboy perspective.

I don't think some of you understand what a PR spokesperson's job is. It certainly isn't to smile to the cameras and say "you know, we're all the same...every console is equally as good". That's silly. Of course you still need to show a basic respect for your competitors and from what I have seen Greenberg generally has. I recognize he might have overstepped the bounds of propriety a few times, but that is no different than any spokesperson on the Nintendo or Sony side (and I can back it up if you like).

Are some of you really implying that these guys should always just say nice things about their competitors, even when it might not be true at all? Imagine if one of the console makers (let's say Nintendo) only announced 1 game at E3 next year and nothing else. Should the competitors' spokespeople feel obligated to say that Nintendo had a great showing when they really didn't? Should they say something like "you know, Nintendo only showed one game this E3, but they did a really fantastic job and I think gamers are going to be equally satisfied with all the companies' showings"? Or should they be honest and say something like "you know, Nintendo's showing really surprised me this year...they didn't really have much to show and I feel confident that most gamers will have enjoyed our conference more"? Well, the answer is obvious.

I think it was right for Greenberg to respond the way he did here, because it is true. Sony did have a great showing. However, if it weren't true, I don't think it is right to expect a person in his position to just lie about what they think just to make fanboys of the competitor's console feel good. For example, if the 360 outsells the PS3 by more than double during a particular period it is completely normal and right for him to point out that fact. And Sony PR people do the same thing.

Doppy3424d ago

You first four should be ashamed of yourselves.

Now this is how everyone on this site should act. Even if you prefer one console over the other there is always some good about the other console. AG (Aaron) earned some serious respect in my book. And yeah I'm sure Square will announce FF14 as a PS3 timed exclusive.

kevnb3423d ago

naw, only a sony fanboy would be that stupid. Ive seen people on here say microsofts conference was the worst in history... right...

Megatron083423d ago

So all the idiot fanboy that said they werent even going to watch the video got to together as a group just to show decided to post just to show how stupid they are ?

All-33423d ago

Bad summary.

He doesn't say it like that at all.

Question: What do you think of the Sony press conference, I know you got to see it... so.

"They did a good job, I thought it was good. Ummm... you know they... they ummm... ahhh you know personally, I thought what we did this year, where you know, our... our idea was listen, nobody wants to hear us talk, nobody wants us to go through charts and graphs and data. People have come for the show you know and if we... if we are a major form of entertainment as an industry, we need to act like one, right? And when you watch our briefings if you are not in the industry or a hardcore gamer, like it... it can be kinda boring when we talk about like, attach rates and market share and... and we beat our chests about how great we are and all that, and I just think at the end of the day people wanna see the games they wanna see the experiences, let them speak for themselves. When you watch the grammies you know you go from... from hiphop to jazz to rock and they don't talk, just let the music play to enjoy the experience, that was really our theory. Ah... You know I think... um some of the other briefings seemed like there was a lot... still a lot of talking, a little bit, you know... ah ah... too much of that, but.. but I think, I think the stuff they showed was great and umm... I think you know as a gamer I'm excited for some of that stuff as well and uh you know I think.. I think it's good, it's good. I think that everybody came and had a lotta good news at E3 and umm it's been a good show uh for the industry as a whole."

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TIKUP3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

This guy would be better off if he kept his mouth SHUT!


-MD-3424d ago

Slipknot PS3 fanboy?

You're no Slipknot fan.

thebudgetgamer3424d ago

do you have to be a microsoft leg humper to enjoy slipknot?

RememberThe3573424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

lol That's what I was thinking.

@below: If you don't like the site, don't come here. It's not a hard concept...

"How many times have you met them and seen them live?" Seriously? Your a music fanboy too? I've got Nas as my avatar, and I haven't seen him live or spoken with him. You don't see anyone calling me out on that.
Maybe TIKUP here just enjoys their music, and doesn't feel the need to stay firmly stuck on their jockstrap.

-MD-3424d ago

How many times have you met them and seen them live? For the time being I'm gonna go ahead and declare myself the biggest Slipknot fan on this bad site.

TIKUP3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Iv seen them 3 times going for my 4th time this year when they release tickets for the world tour so suck it b!tch.

also have a signed t-shirt and pster from them, jelous much? ahaha

TheBand1t3424d ago

Too bad Slipknot and the Murderdolls suck.


IzKyD13313424d ago

I have a song from Slipknot on my iPod.
I AM THE BIGGEST SLIPKNOT FAN! j/k, i'll let you two fight it to the death

themyk3424d ago

Going to see show #18 tomorrow
R.I.P leroi

-MD-3423d ago

I've seen them 4 times including their last show ever on the Subliminal Verses tour at the Rave in Wisconsin. I have signed cds and I have met Corey and Jim.


kevnb3423d ago

what a crappy band the Murdedolls are, i bet none of you even know who my avatar is. PS Nas is my favorite rapper.

-MD-3423d ago

Rap is awful listen to real music.

QuantumWake3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Screw Slipknot!!!! MOTORHEAD FTW!! LEMMY IS GOD!

Jk, Slipknot is an OK band. I stopped listening to them after that weird song, "Psychosocial". This is what I call true ROCK N' ROLL:

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rbluetank3424d ago

he is as much interested in what sony has to offer as is msoft

-MD-3424d ago

"he is as much interested in what Microsoft has to offer as is Sony "

Just like every PS3 fan?

36T3424d ago

Two in a row! Good job! Funny stuff btw

The Master Chief3424d ago

Sony fanboys are so envious!!! I love it!

thebudgetgamer3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

but im a fan of gaming in general first. if there was no such thing a sce i would still be a gamer.


BaSeBaLlKiD7213424d ago

how you know that he has a ps3? lol

rukusa3424d ago

I dont know what us PS3 fans are suppose to be envious off... seems like stuff is coming for the platform.

Is it perhaps because it hurts you that Microsoft wont sell as many consoles as you expected knowing FFXIV wont be avaiable on the 360 next year?

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SpoonyRedMage3424d ago

That was actually quite civil, he did criticise them but he said it was good.

I was surprised. I thought he was going to be a bit fanboyish about it.

table3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

nah these sort of guys arn't fanboyish, just businessmen/gamers doing their job. The fanboys are just the pawns of these big companies. It's a shame really that these fanboys actually believe in what they preach. May god have mercy on their souls...

kevnb3423d ago

then you will get the sort of reaction you wanted.

badkolo3424d ago

Only a child would say im not going to listen to him, is it really that important that what he says bothers you, by the way he said sony had a great show, gosh, this is video games, not life and death decisions