Firemint Real Racing Coming Soon

TPG writes, "One of the hottest genres on the iPhone has been that of the racing genre - in part because the controls work so great, using your device as a steering wheel just works fantastically. Now Firemint, currently batting 1.000 in the "Hit iPhone games" department with the exceedingly popular Flight Control, are ready to loose their next release onto the App Store - Firemint Real Racing."

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Neco5123878d ago

Looks pretty solid for an iPhone game

CrAppleton3878d ago

For an iPhone game?? All the games I've seen look "pretty solid"

Jockamo3878d ago

...when I'm playing on my PSP Go, I'll probably be using my phone for just calls and texts.

Hydrolex3878d ago

so you will cary a PSP go and an iphone wherever you go ?

Neco5123878d ago

Cars actually look pretty real

bgrundman3878d ago

god damn this game looks impressive.

CrAppleton3878d ago

Damn skippy.. looks awesome! I can't wait to give it a spin

WiFi Pirate3878d ago

Looks like a nice racer for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It might get me into racing again, at least in a portable fashion.

roblef3878d ago

Games are all about the control scheme. If it doesn't make sense, or deviates too much from what you are expecting, ti's gonna feel crap. Glad to see more devs getting it right!

CrAppleton3878d ago

YES! Control scheme will make or break this

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