Game: Star Ocean: The Last Hope Review

Game UK writes: "Sci-fi is undoubtedly flavour of the month at the moment so let's not pretend that we're too cool for space ships, robots and monsters because we're not. Just as this summer's blockbuster movies have a distinct sci-fi bent, so do the big games making waves on the horizon.
What's the story?

Adding to this list is the latest instalment in the Star Ocean saga, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, which is set, you guessed it, in space. Building on 13 years of Star Ocean provenance, this prequel has gameplay so compelling it's difficult to tear yourself away in a great space opera setting.

All RPGs need a decent story and this one is a prequel to the previous four Star Ocean instalments - set a good few centuries earlier at the tail end of the 21st century..."

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