Game: The Sims 3 Review

Game UK writes: "The Sims is one of those rare franchises that attracts both male and female gamers in vast numbers. The appeal of controlling the day-to-day life of your own little person is well established, with the series achieving record-breaking sales. So what can The Sims 3 bring to the party to keep the flag flying? How about if you could not only explore your neighbourhood seamlessly, but you could interact with the whole town and everyone in it? Sounds good? Read on my friend.
In the beginning...

The Sims 3 starts off as you'd expect. You choose where you'd like to live and who you'd like to be. But what's new here is the mind-boggling level of customisation available to you. If you liked the wide choice of characters in The Sims, you'll love this..."

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