Game: Terminator Salvation Review

Game UK writes: "Little did James Cameron know when Arnie first appeared, in the skuddy buff, in a flash of electro-magnetic energy some 25 years ago, and asserted 'hasta la vista, baby', that he was creating a pop-culture monster bigger than anything even Skynet could dream up. This year, the iconic franchise returns to the big screen in one of 2009's most hotly-anticipated movies - Terminator: Salvation - but this time something's different. Now you can join the fight, saving earth and battling the rise of the machines in Terminator: Salvation The Videogame.
It's in the game

OK, we know what you're thinking: 'games of the movie' have a reputation for being below par. But this is much more than your average retell, recycle, regurgitate movie game. You play as soon-to-be saviour of the human race John Connor as he rises through the ranks of Earth's human resistance, battling Skynet's cyborgs in the wasteland of post-apocalyptic Los Angeles..."

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