E3 '09 is Over, What Was Missing

SCRAWL: "So, E3 2009 has officially come to an end. After a bundle of surprising announcements, many were left pleased, and many were left disappointed. I think the overall percent of gamers fall in the pleased category, though."

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Jockamo3423d ago

...they really delivered. MS was missing games.

Sony STOMPED the competition!!!

Wizeguy213423d ago

I can think of 2 things Sony's press conference was missing.

1. Price Cut
2. Firmware update

aside from that Sony did have the better showing this year..

I know people hold Metal Gear on 360 in high regard, but did no one notice kojima Saying how he is making a TRUE sequel with the psp version of metal gear.

Didn't seem like Kojima went out of his way to emphasize this? Being a Metal gear fan i still look foward to this game but, a bit hesitant knowing Kojima wont be directly involved..

PtRoLLFacE3423d ago

i think every company showed what they had, but there were some games missing like AvP, section 8, ninja gaiden

Reshun3423d ago

Which was rumored by HipHo.. oh wait...