CNET: You can believe in Microsoft's Project Natal


"About halfway through a closed-door demo I was in this afternoon of Microsoft's just-announced full-body motion-sensitive control system, Project Natal, another reporter told our host that he was skeptical of what he was seeing.

A minute later, after taking the virtual controls himself of the game "Burnout Paradise" and giving Natal a test, the reporter walked back over to where I was standing and when I asked him if he was still skeptical, he gave me a chastened look and said, "It's interesting."

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Mu5afir5040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )

How can you have a title like "You can believe in Microsoft's Project Natal" and start your first sentence with "If that's true". Basically your telling us to believe in something, that you yourself aren't sure about. CNET stick to what your good at.. a dropping user base.

ChozenWoan5040d ago

but only in an all white room with nothing to distract it. Could just be me, but I'm noticing a lack of furnature, plants, and real world objects that could remotely through the system off... like fans to keep you cool while your up flailing your arms.

NMC20075040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )

Allow me to finish that sentence for you.

"Can't believe in CNET, unless they are talking up a Sony product."

There we go, that looks much better doesn't it?

Wow @ the disagrees!

So if CNET says something good about the PS3 motion controller or anything else Sony has, then I am sure you all will be saying exactly what you're saying in here correct?

You PSFans are just the worst of the bunch, it's just weird how you all are, it's like you're from a distant planet or something.

menoyou5040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )

Lots of publications are saying that the Milo game (which was the the impressive part of the technology) isn't working as well as the video and that the person behind the laptop might be influencing the program.

I hope Natal comes out working great, but CNET is retarded and this just shows that they're fanboys.

ultimolu5040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )

"You can believe in Microsoft's Project Natal..." [CNET] emphasizes.

Nothing to see here folks, just another site praising a piece of technology that has yet to proven further.

Dread: Natal has potential but seriously, these articles need to stop making it sound as if Jesus himself made the damn thing.

Xi5040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )

what about the lights being turned on and off?

Wow, talk about the sony parade coming in to try and lambast CNET for supporting a microsoft product. Didn't hear the complaints when they said sony had the best conference show...

Dread5040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )


you sony fanboys cannot let a single article praising 360 alone without attempting to trash the credibility of the author.

it is getting out of hand. Cant u just accept that nadal has some potential, without acting like a fox news anchor and/or talking head.

i mean how can it possibly be that every single news outlet is just lying about this. do you think MS really pays everyone. Do you think Sony is a poor victim of bad press.

stop being such babies for a second. If you do not like Nadal fine, but stop crying every time some one says something positive about the damn thing.


Natsu895040d ago

wiimote + natal = ps3mote(with eyetoy)

well let's face it! Natal is a copy of Eyetoy
and the Ps3 motion controler is a copy of the wiimote(s) combined with eyetoy

Genesis55040d ago

I think I'll sit on the fence with this one for a bit. I can really praise or citicize it until more is known. Though I do think the real product is further off than they are saying.

IdleLeeSiuLung5040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )

To everyone that says that Natal is just an EyeToy copy, you should really read that article. This system has complex algorithms to figure out human motion and a 3D space mapping system.

EyeToy was 2D and there were plenty of things prior to EyeToy that did similar things as EyeToy. This is a significant step up, it is like comparing black and white tube TV with an HDTV.

All the reports so far is that this system works. I haven't heard anything else yet other than from the haters with no first hand experience.

SaberEdge5040d ago

It really is ridiculous the way PS3 fanboys are responding to this.

Hands on time with Natal has journalists mostly praising it and saying it works. And obviously it is going to see improvements as the development process progresses.

One of the most pathetically dishonest tactics many PS3 fans are resorting to is to claim that Natal is just a repackaged Eye Toy. This is an insult to the intelligence of everyone in the gaming press, as well as every gamer that has seen and understands what it is about. Natal does a whole bunch of things that Eye Toy is not capable of at all. Not to mention that among the functions where there is some overlap Natal is more advanced. Moreover it is the software logic that brings all these capabilities together that makes it most impressive. Equating the two is dishonest and would be like comparing a Ford Model T to a Lamborghini and saying they are the same thing, just because they are both 'cars'. It really is a pathetic argument.

ChozenWoan5040d ago

I ask because the system works mostly with infrared. In a hot room, your body temperature would begin to blend into the background. This would greatly affect the accuracy of the system if not kill it all together.

Regular lighting would have little effect on it, but a peice of paper flying in front of it could. Also, the PSeye solved this problem that used to plague the PSeyetoy.

eagle215040d ago

They think if they pay CNET money to write hype that everyone will just go crazy over this. WRONG. The 360 isn't selling like Wii at $50 less ($199). What makes them believe that people will pay for what is obviously costly for a company like Microsoft to even make? :)

Xi5040d ago

why does it have no problem with having multiple people standing next to one another, or people passing in front of the play?

GWAVE5040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )

People were too easily wooed by Project Natal. Just go and watch the EyePet demonstration and you'll see that it does everything Natal boasted about...except that it's coming THIS year and it uses the CURRENT Eye camera.

I'm not saying Natal sucks or anything, but praising the thing based on these gameplay demonstrations is ignorant to the fact that this sort of stuff can be done (and is already being done) on the CURRENT Eye camera for PS3. I guess this is yet another example of something being "casual" or "pointless" if it's on the PS3, but once Microsoft grabs it and dresses it up, suddenly it becomes AMAZING!!!

JokesOnYou5040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )

If you're sick of hearing all this positive NEWS ABOUT NATAL you could simply avoid those particular news threads and I suspect sony extremists like you would sleep better at night too.


All Time Greatness5040d ago

haha Sony fanboys think their extremist opinions on N4G matter...or anyone even reads/believes it. It's pure desperation.

It's hilarious. No one cares what you think and all the good articles after E3 speak for themselves.

rockleex5040d ago

Well BAM! There it is!

Seriously though, Natal maps out a virtual skeleton of your body into the game.

The problem with skeletal mapping is when you turn sideways, Natal will NOT be able to detect the other side of your body. Therefore it will misinterpret which of your limbs is which. Hence the Avatar's body getting so messed up after the guy spun around quickly.

SaberEdge5040d ago

You're full of it, GWAVE. The current PS Eye cannot do a great many things that the Natal technology can do. Have you even read the article? Or any article on the topic? If you have, I don't know how you can sit there and try to pass off this nonsense that the two technologies do the same thing.

I'm not going to waste my time listing all the things Natal does that PS Eye cannot do at all, because it is all there for anybody to read for themselves.

Let me just ask you one thing. If this Natal technology is really not much different than Eye Toy or PS Eye, why in the world would a company like 3DV Systems spend huge sums of money in research and development to create such a technology? I'll tell you why. Because it was truly something new.

Buttons5040d ago

More like 'Can't believe in journalism'.

Scratch that, more like 'humanity'.

Delive5040d ago

My thoughts on your comment.
If they said something positive about Sony's motion control, I would believe it more because from what I saw, Sony demonstrated their product in a more tangible way. Their demo looked real and like it would be used in fun, diverse ways.

MS showed concepts and ideas brought to life by pre-created videos. The actual demo showed was the breakout and the bottom of the Avitar's foot.

evrfighter5040d ago

"Nothing to see here folks, just another site praising a piece of technology that has yet to proven further."

LoL it must get pretty tiring having to do major damage control here @ n4g like everyday...

Or is it that you've grown so accustomed to it that you don't even know you're doing it anymore =\

Do you even play games?

cherrypie5039d ago (Edited 5039d ago )

"Lots of publications are saying that the Milo game (which was the the impressive part of the technology) isn't working as well as the video and that the person behind the laptop might be influencing the program. "

+8 Agree? What planet does N4G exist on?

I defy anyone to provide a link that actually says that. Not even "LOTS" but **ANY** who would say such a thing. Basically, you're saying that they are committing FRAUD. They're committing a fracking hoax? Is this what you are saying? +8 Agrees? Get stuffed.

Every preview -- Eurogamer, BBC, Time, Joystiq, Wired -- has said that Milo was a "killer app", worked as shown and/or suprised them.

Eurogamer's people told Milo a joke (a bad one mind you) and it *knew* it was a joke and laughed FFS.

Eurogamer: OK. Milo?
Milo: [Looks up, smiles and nods]
Eurogamer: Bloody hell. Er, OK. A Times New Roman walks into a bar. The barman says, 'We don't serve your type.'
Milo: [Giggles]
Eurogamer: Bloody hell.

Peter Molyneux: Now, he didn't really understand every word you said, but from the tone of your voice he guessed you were telling a joke.

I mean **REALLY** you people just come in here and make shiat up, and then because it fits the SDF-fantasy-worldview it gets all these agrees? *WTF* planet are you people on?

"wiimote + natal = ps3mote(with eyetoy)"
Natal is a 3D audio/body tracking (cameras). Eyetoy is none of these.

"Natal is a copy of Eyetoy"
No. Eyetoy is a "copy" of the very same thing available on PCs for **YEARS** before Sony "copied" it for PS. Further, Xbox LIVE Vision == Eyetoy. They are totally unlike Natal in any way worth discussing.

Do you know what *Z-Axis* is?

"PS3 motion controler is a copy of the wiimote(s) combined with eyetoy"
Not realy, no. PS3mote (Gyro/Accelerometers) + eyetoy (camera). Wiimote+ (Gyro/Accelerometers/Camera) + SensorBar (IR emitter). Same. They have the same exact parts, except in different places.

So, **STOP** pretending you dont know. Stop spreading obvious nonsense. Ok? Or, get INFORMED before you post bullshait so people dont have to correct your obvious ignorance.

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KingKionic 5040d ago

That was a contradiction title and sentence but i think as in (refering to article) there ether in disbelief or a little skeptical.

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Homicide5040d ago

Project Natal is the future. This is awesome tech!

MajesticBeast5040d ago

is this is the future give me the past pls.

beardpapa5040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )

oh wth this went to the wrong place.