Milo Has The Lifespan Of A Fruit Fly

Lionhead's Project Natal demo Milo may look to be eight, but he's never lived longer than 12 days.

Speaking with Peter Molyneux this week, the developer said that the child artificial intelligence for Xbox 360 tech demo Milo and Kate is usually "scrubbed" after about 200 hours. The longest Milo has "lived" is 300 hours, he said. Something done to help test the development of their virtual child and his ability to track experiences.

Molyneux repeated that Milo isn't meant to be a living AI, but rather a cleverly-crafted combination of nuanced facial animation and artificial emotion that creates the illusion of life.

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Mu5afir3889d ago

It's a series of trigger functions. The question is, are we going to get a handbook with all the triggers? Because it's going to be ridiculous asking your TV screen questions.. and people thinking you lost your mind.

Pennywise3889d ago

MILO, did you brush your teeth before bed?

iBoReD3889d ago

I knew it was too good to be true; if this was what it was shown off to be then it would make it the most advanced piece of A.I invented to date..

Jockamo3889d ago

...I hope MS realizes how trite this approach is. I think the rest of the world is coming out of their fantasy-land haze. Meanwhile, we'll have the best games in the world coming to the PS3, like The Last Guardian, Uncharted 2, and that precision motion controller that Sony presented. The possibilities are endless, yet PRACTICAL.


GiantEnemyCrab3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Why are the same people in the same article doing the same b*tching, doubting and complaining?

If you for a minute thought this was true sentient AI you are a straight up crazy person. Nobody claimed this was true AI but the illusion was convincing. Think about that kind of interaction in an RPG. I find that incredibly exciting.

You are saying "oh man I'm disappointed, I knew this was gonna be fake because when I watched the video I really thought they found a way to make a video game turn into a real person".

This is AMAZING TECH but not that amazing.

chaosatom3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Natal doesnt seem to be THAT great....If you listen to the GiantBombcast they talk about developers getting to go "behind closed doors" to see Natal and the "Milo" demo... it was pretty much fake. This is all stuff they say i am not making it up go listen to their "day 3 bombcast". They say they heard there was a guy off screen controlling a lot of it with a controller, (see you DO need buttons!), and Milo apparently doesn't understand what she is saying to him word wise, (so much for voice recognition!), it just understood inflection of her voice - which the ps3 eye COULD be programmed to do. Plus lots of obvious gaffs that show it was a staged demo like: the scan of the skateboard by the kid... umm his hands were in the way; facial recognition for your avatar: the kudo guy had sun glasses on and so it shouldn't have worked, heck facial recognition tech cant work if your smiling (look up on a search engine about why you cant smile on drivers license photos anymore); then he lifts his shoe the avatar was all bent wrong and freaking out, if you cant get a simple avatar to turn how will that work in a real game? the guy "putting a tire on the race car", that was totally uninteractive and didnt look fun, he just put his hands up and it put on a tire.... the ps3 demo looked way better for games. -thought that I share this comment that someone else gave.

masterg3889d ago

Puhhff.... Does this mean Skynet will not take over the world in a matter of years... Now I can sleep again.

TheRealSpy023889d ago

"Molyneux repeated that Milo isn't meant to be a living AI, but rather a cleverly-crafted combination of nuanced facial animation and artificial emotion that creates the illusion of life. "

well no kidding. this isn't news. there is no such thing as real ai. and there are only a handful of programs in the entire world that are even somewhat (not really) close. and i promise these programs aren't used in video games.

JokesOnYou3889d ago

well duh, I don't think anybody really thinks this is some Super AI like you see in movies like Eagle Eye or whatever...its on a gaming console for gods sake. Its remarkable in the sense that what is IS unlike anything else being done on a console....Milo isn't exactly something I'm interested in but I can definitely see WHY its so interesting. "Daisy Daisy" lol


Xeoset3889d ago



Lol at Sony Fanboys :)

masterg3889d ago


That doesn't mean it cant be used in a video game.

The worlds greatest chess player is a computer. It has not become the best by being programmed how to play the perfect chess game, but by playing great chess players and learned from every game.

If Milo has no AI what so ever he is useless.
Me: "Milo please butt out"
Milo: (Butt=Bad word) "You must speak nicely"
Me: "Oh no my dog took a crap on the floor"
Milo: (Crap=Bad word) "You must speak nicely".

heroicjanitor3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

It can only tell if you are excited/sad/etc, and respond appropriately.

"I am going RACING!!!"

Would probably get a response like

"Racing? Sounds fun!"

It's for kids, as I don't think adults will be taken in by it.

ShabzS3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

'' u must speak nicely'' (english accent ... low voice...angry eyes.. with a grin on milos face)


MONOLITHICIDE3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

lol that made me seriously laught out loud

i can sleep again as well lol, and since you said a bad word Arnold is gonna come from the future a terminate you

JokesOnYou3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Who thinks for a second had sony revealed Natal and micro revealed "360 motion controls" that n4g wouldn't be full of comments like:
"See I told you sony likes to bring innovation to the industry while micro is just try to do a cheap rip-off wii-motes success."

But because micro is actually trying to be creative, maybe even too ambitious the comments on n4g have all the usuall sony extremists sounding like modern day Cavemen:

"meh' me tinks dat stoney wheel tang will never work.

Its not like this means standard controllers or less impressive motion controllers are useless, and I'm not bad mouth sony but its true it the roles were reversed the reaction would be much different, 360 owners are just interested in whats possible in future *hardcore games thats all.


FamilyGuy3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Yeah, of course that's true but do you know why?
Sony started the controller-free motion controls on consoles and them making another camera that was even better would make sense and flow in line with what they have BEEN doing.
Instead sony apparently learned from the past (and the wii no less) that you need to actually be holding something for TRUE interaction.

Don't worry, M$ is fully backing this thing so i dont see it disappointing anyone (well many, of course some will be) once it's released.

BTW, we aren't discussing natal here, it's a fine product. This article is about Milo.

JokesOnYou3889d ago

Milo utilizes the tech that the Natal Project is pushing for other aspects of gaming, so to downplay Milo is to downplay Natal's potential, lol maybe you had a little too much to drink and forgot where you're at. Here, I'll give you a clue: N4SG. lmfao


heroicjanitor3889d ago

Nope. To downplay milo is to downplay a game.To downplay halo does not downplay the 360's potential. To downplay shrek:the game, does not downplay the 360.

ChozenWoan3889d ago

The funny thing is, 360 gamers keep saying they want AI like Milo in RPGs. Well what do you think you got with Mass Effect. Duh!

It's the same type of AI as the choose your response system. The difference is you just speak it instead of read it then click. Milo was set up to respond to certain key words at key points in the conversation. Same concept was used in ME, which is why it's such a great game.

Yes you read right. A Sony gamer saying that ME is a great game. Well it is so I can't hate. Good games are good games no matter what the system.

sniper-squeak3889d ago

.."kill him off" after making him so aware and friendly with me, had I been a developer for it :(

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Godmars2903889d ago

Twice the man has over promised and under delivered, yet now with the announcement of an AI character that will respond not only to your voice but verbal and facial responses, and the faithful are only accepting it as gospel.

Spike473889d ago

They have like 3-4 articles/interviews/impression s on this.

GiantEnemyCrab3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

If you are annoyed why are you commenting in every article?

I would think if something was annoying you that you would stay away from it.

Nobody is saying this is sentient AI but some of the wack PS3 nutters. I've not seen one MS rep or anyone say we have developed full realized AI.

Like I said above.. Apply the Milo experience to an RPG where you actually interact beyond just selecting a sentence/response but you are verbally doing it and then it can sense your emotion using facial tracking and respond accordingly.

That is exciting to me. Scripted or whatever it adds another level of immersion.

lokiroo4203889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Crab just stfu already, he can post on anything he wants even if he doesnt like the article, doesnt like natal, and doesnt like M$, who are you to call people out like some sort of judge.

Foliage3889d ago

"If you are annoyed why are you commenting in every article?

I would think if something was annoying you that you would stay away from it."

The same applies to you responding to his comment. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

TheRealSpy023889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

that's not hypocrisy.

hypocrisy is when ps3 fanboys criticize natal and wiimote, then praise the sony wiimote rip off.

hypocrisy is when the ps3 fanboys said rumble was last gen and sony doesn't need it, then screamed to high heaven that it was amazing news when sony was reintroducing dual shock.

hypocrisy is when ps3 fanboys said square is a lousy company that has been going down hill and is a sell out, then attempted to throw it in xbox owners faces that they were getting FF 14 Exclusively.

hypocrisy is when ps3 fanboys say bungie and MS are milking the halo franchise but then still rally behind GT even though we all know that franchise has about a dozen titles using the name.

hypocrisy is when ps3 fanboys constantly accuse MS of having underhanded dealings in the business industry despite the fact that all one needs to do is type 'sony scandals' into google and find a ton of underhanded dealings committed by sony over the years.

hypocrisy is when ps3 fanboys said GTA 4 sucked when they thought only 360 was getting the DLC, then changed their toon quickly when they found out that ps3 was also getting their own gta 4 DLC.

my god i could go on for ever.

EDIT: Below me...that brings up a very good point. Why are there still MORE negative 360/pro ps3 comments in a 360 article??? I'll say it once more...if ps3 is the dominant system and has all these great games, why do they have nothing better to do than troll 360 articles instead of playing said games? oh wait, i have a ps3, i can answer doesn't have great games. it has ONE great game which is the only one you ever hear about post launch and that's MGS. That's why you NEVER hear about infamous a week after it comes out. wish i could get my 60 bucks back for that game.

GiantEnemyCrab3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Lol @ Foliage. He is on ignore now so you can bet he won't get a response again.

Funny that is the only thing you responded out of my whole comment. I know what you're looking for. Now go ahead and continue to contribute nothing to this article like your boyfriend here.

@RealSpy: As you can see he wants the trolling to happen. Remember my hypocrisy is at it's finest yet the chode will be more than happy to put up with trolling.. Just don't do it in a PS3 article.

aaronisbla3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

you act as if sony killed off some of your family members, you sound kinda bitter for some reason, take a chill pill. Wtf was the rant for anyways? All the guy did was call hypocrisy where he saw fit and it had absolutely nothing to do with sony yet you felt the need to take it there and go on some anti sony rant which didn't amount to anything. But i do hope you feel a lil better since you got all of that off your chest.

@Crab, isnt he entitled to his own opinion? And because of that, shouldnt he be allowed to post? Perhaps he wants to get his point across and thats the only way he can by posting in more than one article thats about Milo.

Some people choose to act differently in situations, where as you would avoid something that irks you, he would confront it. Kinda how his comment irked you and you choose to respond to it, you could have just ignored it right? But you chose to comment on it, which is exactly what he is doing. I could say the same about you, it seems when someone mindlessly bashes the 360, instead of ignoring it, you respond to it. Maybe i wont get my point across but hey i tried

That is why the other guy called hypocrisy, it seems you telling him not to do something but in turn, you are doing exactly what you don't want the OP to do....But don't take none of that offensively, im just sayin...

I'm sleepy now...

beardpapa3889d ago

I agree. The man has vision but it's too bad he doesn't have the manpower or resources to implement them to perfection.

TheRealSpy023888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

if you read my edit, and spent any time on n4g (which i imagine you do) then you would understand the "rant." and while it is nice to get it off my chest, i know that it's in vain. but the ranting that i did is purely a reaction to the community. and as i do enjoy reading ppl's level headed opinions about games, i am forced to wade waist deep through piles of dog sh!t to do it. and all i seem to come across in these pools of crap are the sentiments of a largely unintelligent population of ps3 fanboys that make false claims and accusations and all the while receiving tons of agrees, bubbles, and praise.

it's extraordinarily obnoxious to listen to ppl criticize real gaming revolutions while favoring the been-there-done-that. and that's why i called it out. it may seem, if you limit your views to just this thread, that i was coming from 'left field' but it's really more of a reflection of the statements within the community as a whole...especially since natal was announced.

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KionicWarlord2223889d ago

Its still interesting if they can make a game around this it could very well be more realistic. Rpgs would benefit more.

Qui-Gon Jim3889d ago

this is a "game" that is devoted almost completely to AI of ONE character. It would be years until we see something like this available in games, if ever (if AI gets too unpredictable, it becomes to hard to direct the story and game flow).

KionicWarlord2223889d ago

Yeah...your right. But if other devs can use this to make there game more realistic ....then thats going to be great . Lets wait and see what happens . MS is being very quiet about it for some reason maybe in the coming weeks or moths will find out more about this.

testerg353889d ago

Wow.. who said it was all AI? It was meant to show how you can interact with a game. Only PS3 fans wanted to believe it was AI so that it can be torn apart.

FordGTGuy3889d ago

it is only meant to be an illusion of AI. If it were true AI it would have an actual understanding of what it is saying.

masterg3889d ago


Let me get this straight.
The PS3 fans were the ones who believed in Milo the most.
And the same fans wanted the program to fail.

You sir make no sense.

FordGTGuy3889d ago

disagrees for telling the truth......

Qui-Gon Jim3889d ago

Microsoft sure used a lot of smoke and mirrors in that presentation, leading people to believe that this was some super advanced game AI. Nobody was saying it's some sentient being in the Xbox. The problem is that it doesn't live up to what we were being told it was.

GiantEnemyCrab3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

No Masterg they just overhyped it. MS just presented Milo and said very little about it. They never said it was full on AI person. Just like in the movies they use tricks to fool your brain and this is no different.

Now it's all "MS deceived us!" do these people scream at the TV when they find out that Superman really can't fly?

If what was presented can be put into a game like an RPG then I'm sold. I don't give a flip what's happening in the background it will take my gaming up a level.

@below: Please show me where MS made any claims that this was real AI? The demo was real, there were no strings on the puppet. It just wasn't full AI. I fail to see the deception. If you bought into it I would say that was successful. Applying this tech in a video game it doesn't need to be full AI(as Milo demonstrated) to be impressive and really I don't think that would work anyway.

I would be mad if someone claimed Superman was really flying but that's not what's happening here and that is my point.

Qui-Gon Jim3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

You said: "Now it's all 'MS deceived us!' do these people scream at the TV when they find out that Superman really can't fly?"

No, but if i came across some group that was claiming they have really figured out how to make people fly and showed me Superman, you bet i'd be calling BS on it.

The point is they were showing us what they had, then it turns out that it wasn't really what they were telling us.

Edit to ^^^: You might be right, maybe they didn't claim explicitly, but they sure weren't up front about it either. It's like all the "living room" Natal footage that was shown. It was clearly scripted and staged with pre-rendered "games" to lead you to believe in how great it works, then when we see it on stage we get contorting avatars and a guy throwing buckets of paint on a wall.

I sound more negative than i am about this, i think Natal will be awesome for what it will do, but i think it will not quite live up to what was being shown.

beardpapa3888d ago

I think it's based on that by viewing the Milo demo, the initial reaction is that we'd assume it was all AI regardless if we were told if there was any. The way Milo interacted to Clare showed some form of intelligence even though it may have been an action-response script like in RPGs such as MassEffect. It's the way that Milo reacted, the smoothness and uncanny valley of it all that made many believe it to be AI. People are bashing it now though because some journalists said Milo is really scripted and there's someone in the back pulling the strings or calibrating something, which means Milo wasn't the AI they saw.

It's the same type of reaction people would get if they got cheated by a sales rep that claimed he was giving a really good offer on their contract. Now why were people quick to assume Milo was AI? It's the same as people saying Dane Cook is a douche even though we don't know if he is, but by seeing his face on screen he appears like on. ;-)

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Model3889d ago

sad xtards finally get someone to speak to

Montreafart3889d ago

But the xbots in the last few days kept on gloating about how MS changed gaming forever and ever.

Bots are stupid people. And this is proven every day again and again. Just like this week with the Milo BS.

And their ridiculous claims:
"Milo is the most advanced AI"
"Natal is the most advanced thing ever"
"Natal can scan objects so you dont need controllers"
"MS 1UPed Sony again"
"but but but Natal can track full body movements and has voice recognition"

Rofl retarded xbots.

And now straight from the horse's mouth: Milo is fake and there is no "AI".

Rather obvious, because if there were such an advanced piece of technology, it would be used in topsecret by the military and not on some stupid console that has a malfunction rate of over 35%.

tehReaper3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Wow, and I thought "xtards" have been speaking to their friends via Xbox LIVE since launch.

I must be uninformed.

Oh and Montreafart, or Nasim..Dude you're scared. Why would you put so much effort into proving Natal is crap? You've been on just about every article related to Natal and posting the same bullshit worded differently. Get a life, man.

Montreafart3889d ago

Like Socomer said in the other thread. My first reaction on last Monday and xbots reaction, was utter disgust. I vomit in your face, thats how much I loathe these bots.

The truth must come out and I help the truth to get out. It is not I who is scared here, but your PUNY XBOT ASS thats scared here because you know the truth is coming out and you are seeing more and more people voice against it. You are scared shiatless, xbot. And you are right to be scared.

Because the truth is going to hurt MS extremely hard.

Natal is vaporware and Milo is fake.
EA thinks Natal is vaporware. Tony Hawk says Natal is shiat and has no accuracy. Now Molyneux has admitted that Milo is FAKE. Hahaha what you gonna do about it.

And all you xbot scum are like: "but, but but, Kotaku, Joystick, Edge said..."

fk you, dumbasses. The truth always comes out.

tehReaper3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

You sure act like Nasim. You disgust me. Going around talking bullshit on everything Microsoft.

It's funny that pretty much every website other than this one is excited for Natal, for Microsoft's exclusives, and the new features coming to LIVE.

Do you know who isn't excited? Little basement dwelling fanboys like yourself. You don't even play games, you get on this site 24/7 circle-jerking with your fanboy buddies.

EDIT: Haha, quick look at your comment history:

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