Heavenly Sword 2005 vs 2007 Screenshot Comparison

Here is a comparison of the 2005 Heavenly Sword Trailer and the footage that has been shown in 2007.

Context is important for this comparison. The 2005 trailer was made from gameplay footage, but of course including effects that they hoped to achieve.

The footage that has been shown in 2007 is actually from a 2006 September/November build. There is reason to believe that the game looks even better now as claimed by the developers themselves and from the recent screenshot they revealed.

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xfrgtr4270d ago

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

Bigmac5734270d ago

Can't wait for this one.

nix4270d ago

it says: "kills remaining - 159" q:

boy.. i'm going to love playing this game....

just finished God of War 2... wow.. just wow!!! now i'm more keen to find what that "countdown" is all about... anyone got a clue what the countdown is all about?

techie4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

want to know where that kill counter starts? 2200 ;) The countdown of enemies shows how many you are to kill. 2200 sounds scary, but trust me they have made it fun. You can bazooka at certain points and kill loads. Also you can kill about 30 at a time in a well timed move :)))))

When Nariko is using the Heavenly Sword it drains away her's basically killing her. So that's a countdown of your life.

Oh that countdown! lol...think psp, or movie. Don't think GOW3...hasn't started development yet.

Ok that counter may start at 400...but the amount of enemies on screen that they can get upto at the moment is 2200 and perhaps rising. Straight from the devs :)

nix4270d ago

i love it even more... hmmm.. didn't know about the drain part.

thanks deepbrown..

ahem... now, any idea about the "countdown" of GOW? yeah.. i think i asked the question at the wrong place... q:

Cysquatch4270d ago

I read somewhere that you have to kill 400 enemies at the beginning of the game.

Torch4270d ago

"just finished God of War 2... wow.. just wow!!!"

Oh, yeah, I know EXACTLY where you're coming from: Last night, I finished the first God of War...and man am I pumped to throw part two in later tonight! It's gotta be the best, most exciting game I've ever played (compared to those in its genre, at least).

My only gripe: at one point, late into the game, I realized that I must have accidentally switched to "easy" after croaking one-time too many, thereby preventing me from unlocking some Treasures. That pissed me off, to say the least.

But I'm really anxious to see how the story's gonna turn...

...Oh yeah, this is actually a Heavenly Sword thread. Yeah, look forward to that too.

(sorry to have gotten carried away...told you I was pumped!) ;)

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MikeGdaGod4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

this game wasn't even on my radar. but as more and more info come out, i'm looking forward to this game as much as any other that i've been fiending for.

Spartan154270d ago

that's the same thing with me, at first I was like, okay. But now I'm pumped.

Takumi864270d ago

wow that's f4cking crazy the graphics are just gorgeous