Gamedaily: E3 2009: The Hardware Take

Gamedaily looks at the PSPGo, Project Natal, Sonys Motion controller, Tony hawks board, the Wiimote's Vitality sensor and the Wii Motion Plus to discuss each one's pros and cons.

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Chris3993423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

I'm not trolling, but I honestly think that Ninty is headed in the wrong direction with this one. The majority of the causal section of the Wii market bought the Wii because of it's EASE. That's one of the, if not THE, major draws.

From a purely business standpoint, I think they're just trying to sell another peripheral. Even with their marketing (which we should all agree is well done), I don't know how successful this will be though.

Ninjamonkey3423d ago

I have to agree with this.

I like the wii becuase after playing tons of serious games, its sometimes nice to play something easy and lighthearted.

Making games more complicated goes against the whole point of the system...

ChozenWoan3423d ago

My problem with the wii has always been the inaccuracy of the "waggle" controls. Well that and 90% of all the gameplay only requires 1-2 buttons. Owch.

Sony's solution seams the most accurate, practical, and developed of the three current leading systems. With proper patches +/- firmware update, the PS3 could easily offer the most functionally and entertaining experience.

Ohh and did you ever want to know what a PSLightstick might look like... well BAM!!!