PSone Classics on the Horizon

Sony Computer Entertainment promised at this year's E3 event that the dreadful dearth of classic PlayStation games for download to PS3 and PSP would finally be coming to an end with new releases in the coming weeks and months, and it looks to be that they meant it. This week alone, PSone fans have been able to download and re-enjoy Final Fantasy VII, Medal of Honor and Street Fighter Alpha 2, and on June 18th the acclaimed Metal Gear Solid will grace the PlayStation Store.

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Jockamo3516d ago

I can finally play the original!!!!!!!!!

I love my PS3!!!

40cal3516d ago

I just got Resident Evil and Final Fantasy VII. Keep em coming.

thereapersson3515d ago

That Contra game was absolute garbage!

callahan093515d ago

Yeah, I never liked any of these 6 games all that much. Mobile Light Force was the best of the bunch, but it wasn't as good as Mobile Light Force 2, and even that wasn't as good as about 100 other shooters I can think of. Although I never played Dead in the Water, so I have no opinion on that one, but it doesn't really strike me as something I'm interested in.

I hope they bring more games of Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, and Resident Evil caliber soon. Those 3 are classics.

forumcudude3515d ago

Look at this stupid games!

* Contra Legacy of War
* Dead in the Water
* Ford Racing
* Mobile Light Force -- aka Gunbird & Castle of Shikigami
* Spec Ops: Airborne Commando
* XS Junior League Soccer

Where is:

Dino Crisis 1-2
Silent Hill 1
Resident Evil 2-3
Gran Turismo
Final Fantasies
Fear Effect
Syphon Filter 1-2

Why they releasing those 1/5 points games!

Shane Kim3515d ago

I really don't get it either. Why no Alundra?! It's allready on the damn JAP PS store so just find the english version in your archives and load it up!