E3 2009 : The best games of the show

With E3 2009 closed and all things coming to a wrap, decided to do a feature on what were the games shown at E3 that really caught the eye. E3 2009 just like every E3 hold true to one fact : The games will always have a bright future.

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Gun_Senshi3424d ago

6. Best First Person Shooter :
Winner : Halo Reach


7. Best Racing Game
Winner : Forza 3
Gran Tourismo PSP oblirated Forza 3, and its not even in runner ups.

Pennywise3424d ago

Leave alone!

Jockamo3424d ago

the PS3 ran CIRCLES around the Xbox. OMG, this website is SO biased! LOL!!!

lonz3583424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

"Gran Tourismo PSP oblirated Forza 3" can you explain how you fan boy? Because it has 400 more cars? who gonna race with all 800 or even 400 cars? stop being a troll and face it Forza is here to stay and is a great franchise that keeps getting better and better

Sony trolls hate for GT lose at anything lol grow up

Gun_Senshi3424d ago

funny how fanboys on both side call people who disagree with them with facts fanboy.

Why GT PSP > Forza?

GT is more realistic
GT has more content on a HANDHELD
GT has graphics better then PS2 on PSP

Forza 3 is on 2 DVDs fail.

housegroove763424d ago

I thought it was kind of odd they gave best fps to halo reach, because there was NOTHING shown besides the planet get blown to hell from an orbital point of view. You cant really say that site is biased (well im sure you could, and many are) because they gave game of the show to God of War 3 and best graphics to uncharted 2