Does Wii really want to play?

GamingNexus takes a critical look at the Wii and finds a few things wanting. The look at the weak online strategy, VC pricing, lack of decent storage options, and the game drought and wonder if the Wii might end up going the way of the Gamecube.

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socomnick4271d ago

I don't like the wii. I have my cousins in my house, hooked up to a 50 inch hdtv and it looks horrible. I'm buying component cables to see if it helps.

Karebear4271d ago

This is essentially an opinion piece. Its not really... "news" per se.

Obviously I'm graphics biased towards the PC, 360, and the PS3. I just don't see the attraction in a Wii. *shrug* As long as Wii owners like them eh?

Torch4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

I noticed a significant difference after purchasing the component cables (when they FINALLY became available). Unfortunately, don't expect miracles, because the Wii will always be a Wii, and never graphically comparable to the "other" two machines. But you'll definitely notice crisper graphics and much better colour saturation, and therefore highly recommend them...especially for detail/texture-rich games, such as Zelda and Call of Duty 3.

Some friendly advice: I don't know how much things have changed since December, but I found that it was actually cheaper (and more convenient) to purchase the cables directly from Nintendo's online store than it was to pick them up from Best Buy. I just now checked out Nintendo's site, and they're still US$30 plus shipping (as opposed to Best Buy's then-price of CN$50.) Here's the link:

But by now, there may be oodles of cheaper, generic alternatives available...I honestly don't know.

Karebear: Admittedly, the Wii's (once-insanely-enthusiastic) novelty has worn off drastically for me...although I have no regrets purchasing it, and still somewhat appreciate its innovation, I virtually always end up gravitating towards my beloved PS3, come game time.

MySwordIsHeavenly4270d ago

I can see why people like the Wii...because it's fun!!!...for two minutes. Other than Warioware...there's honestly NOTHING that sets the Wii apart. Even Mario can't save Nintendo THIS generation. The 360 has GOW, Halo, Mass Effect, and Forza. The PS3 has MGS, FF, HS, KZ, and R&C...

Even the PC is lookin' REALLY nice right now if you have a Wii. CRYSIS!!! <please come out NOW!

Shaka2K64270d ago

I agree with this alot, i owned a game cube beacuase i had alot of noltasgia from playing mario games when i was kid, but im the only one from all the people that i know who play video games im the only one who bought the game cube and thats why it was the biggest flop in gaming history.

when i saw where nintendo was going with the wii.

a game with a new name
charging $250 for it ???
no online ?
no dvd play back ?
no new games ?
adding a gimmick.

i lost alot of respect for them basically they are all about making money here abusing the name and the fanbase to make them billions ect.

so i have zero interest in the wii it doesnt have any killers apps.

ItsDubC4270d ago

You must be really young if you think the Gamecube was the biggest flop in gaming history. Not even close my friend.

hfaze4270d ago

Nah... that honor would be held by the Nintendo VirtuaBoy... ;-)

Although the Atari Jaguar and the CDi have to be close...

ItsDubC4270d ago

The Virtual Boy was actually what I had in mind too =) I think the 3DO's up there too, in addition to those you've mentioned.

ZyKlOn4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

This is the commercial that Nintendo runs in Alabama. Wiiiiii!

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The story is too old to be commented.