Aeropause Impressions of Brink

via Aeropause

"Very rarely are we surprised at things that show up at E3. Sure, there are a few things, but for the most part, leaks have always killed most of the suspense of E3 for me. So imagine my surprise when I went to my Bethesda appointment and was brought into a room where I saw the word BRINK on the flat screen. I had not heard of Brink up until this moment, so it was nice to have a surprise thrown at me. So far it is a pretty interesting premise and setup, but has a while to deliver the goods.

Brink is being made by Splash Damage, the folks that started off creating a little title called Enemy Territory: Wolfenstein and then moved on to Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Lead producer, Paul Wedgewood took a small roomful of journalists on a tour of the world and features of Brink."

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