Fudzilla: Razer Carcharias Gaming headset Review

Fudzilla: We must first compliment Razer on the fact that they are learning from their previous products. Razer Piranha was a decent mid-range headset and even thought the Carcharias also qualifies as a mid-range headset it can easily slip by as a high-end one.

It lacks 5.1 surround that the Barracuda has but we honestly don't see a point for those, as they are just too expensive and the 5.1 is never that good. The comfort is astounding and we felt really comfortable with these, as they are neither too heavy nor they tend to apply strong pressure to your head from the sides. The over-the-ear cup design certainly adds to overall comfort and they are just perfect.

The sound quality can of course always be debatable but bear in mind that these are not professional, studio headphones, but rather gaming ones and with this in mind, the sound quality is great. Two 40mm drivers with neodymium magnets are more than enough for an average user and the quality is superb. The microphone works like a charm and the output sound is decent and there is almost no background noise.

The price, which is US $79.99 from Razer directly or 72.99 Euros in Europe, might feel a bit steep but you must bear in mind that this is Razer, and that you get a premium product. Due to all these facts and our personal experience with the comfort that Carcharias offers, we are more than happy to give it our recommended award.

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