Hackers target online consoles

Hackers and their malicious code-cracking antics have run riot on PCs for years, but experts predict videogames consoles and online games will come under increasing fire this year.

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sovietsoldier4269d ago

now my credit card will be stolen..thanks microsoft!

fenderputty4269d ago

They really mean, "anything running windows". lol

I wasn't aware of many viruses targeted at Apple or Linux based opperating systems/PC's. I know they exist but, not to the extent that Windows suffers.

BTW ... wouldn't the Hacker need to understand the OS for each respective system they want to hack? Has anyone even bothered to do that? What if the PS3 has YDL Linux on it? What specificly would they target?

Black Republican4269d ago

hey I know some about pc's I would not call mys elf PC know it all guy though.
one of my good friend's is and I leanr a lot from him.
Their has always been viruses on every O.S., and they are targeted. BUT why is it that we hardly hear of any of this???
One simple reason and I know this might be offensive but most ppl who use MAC pc's or other O.S. know what they are doing again (MOST) and they are much less vulnerable to get a virus or get hacked.
The second and equally as important reason if not a bigger reason we hardly hear anything bad about MAC is that only 5% of the population use them.

So of course we are going to hear more bad things about a Windows O.s. and less bad things about a MAC O.S.

in no way am I saying a windows O.s. is better, because IMO it is not and it is one of the least secured O.S. of all.
BUT at the sametime I wonder time and time again wouldn't Windows always be the least secured no matter what because that is the O.s.


Dlacy13g4269d ago

And this honestly is what scares me about any console being able surf the internet, download content off the internet and not utilize some type of closed online system that would on surface seem to eliminate this kind of issue.

....being like a PC is not always a good thing.

fenderputty4269d ago


I think Windows is the least secure also. I understand your point about more people using it though. However, that only goes to show, hackers aren't going to target such a small audiance such as a console. At least no where near as much as a Wondows user is targeted.


Most, and I say most loosly, viruses are executable files. Some viruses can hide in images but, most require some sort of download and execution of a task for them to infect your PC/Console/Whatever. Applications need to be specificaly built to run on a 360/PS/Wii architecture. To my knowledge, other then Linux, nothing has been built to do so.

Even if a PS3 is running Linux, the virus would only screw with that OS and not the GAMING OS running under it.

Anyone else have any thoughts?