Xbox Live evolves: no more Microsoft points, user ratings

ARS: Meeting with Microsoft's Scott Austin to talk about Xbox Live, there was little expectation of sexy reveals or big news, and what we saw during the briefing wasn't flashy in any way. But there was still some really good news for Xbox 360 owners: Microsoft is getting set to update Xbox Live in a number of ways to make it easier to find and buy content. The big news is that games will be priced in your local currency, and you'll be able to buy with a credit card, bypassing the point system altogether. That's not all.

"We're going to have 30 or more games launching in August, worldwide, in all markets. We'll also be adding new content in all of our markets weekly," Austin explained. This is the Games on Demand service that was announced after the Microsoft press conference: you'll now be able to buy full-sized, big-name titles directly from Xbox Live and download them to your console.

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kapedkrusader3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago ) one I hope. But MS people should really stop gloating when Sony implements features that gamers want, but were on on the 360 first. It's good for all of us when things like that happen. It makes the whole industry evolve and opens up room for growth.

JokesOnYou3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Why would this have anything to do with copying sony at all. They are simply changing the method of payment, Live has been up and running with stuff available for purchase for along time the fact that you can now pay for the content in cash vs points does not amount to copying sony as if sony was the first to allow you to buy content online with a console. lol,

The big news here is Full Retail Games *worldwide, in all markets, available for download. Now thats a what I call "implenting features gamers want".


edit: Oh look, points are not going away. This is just a added option Thanks Kigmalvvvvv

Anon19743880d ago

Never liked having to buy points. I'll probably buy more if I can just charge it straight to my card. Good move by Microsoft.

Bnet3433880d ago

I'm going to type what I have to say in CAPS because I really am yelling over the internet and I want everyone to hear me:


gaffyh3880d ago

Ok so this is a good idea, but they should have had it since the beginning really. Good to see they are giving gamers the option of either using MS points of credit card.

jav09183880d ago

now how do you solve the problem of a 20GB harddrive and overpricing a 120GB when I payed 60 for a 500GB harddrive for my pc....

BRG90003880d ago

Kigmal is right, Microsoft has only announced that the full-retail game downloads will cost normal currency instead of points. Which makes sense because they are banking on convenience to get people to buy games online instead of in stores, and having to buy $60 worth of points is a big hit to the convenience factor.

This COULD mean that points go away altogether when the full retail game store opens, but that is not what MS has announced at this point.

Blaze9293880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )


kapedkrusader3880d ago

...It's not just the use of cash instead of points, it's also the selling of full retail games through download. I'm not LOOKING for a reason to say MS is copying Sony, I'm SAYING MS is copying Sony and it's ok. Stop antagonizing.

soxfan20053880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

I've always disliked the points system to buy content. Imagine if you went to Gamestop to buy a $60 game, and you were told that you had to buy "Gamestop points", which were sold $100 at a time, and then use that to pay. That is how these points systems really work. Sure, you can use the rest of the points to buy other content, but you are screwed if you want just one game or Guitar Hero song.

Bravo to Microsoft for changing the system - let's hope Nintendo & Sony quickly follow suit - this is a win for all gamers.

FamilyGuy3880d ago

That was a smart move to sell their Xbox 1 games conveniently. Points won't go away because you can buy points cards in game stores using cash. Lots of younger gamers don't have credit cards so point cards will never go away.

SeNiLe9113880d ago

especially when I can get them cheaper then retail.

I bought over $400 in Microsoft point for $200 when the once upon a time Circuit City had a buy one accessory get one free deal going on and the MP were considered an accessory.

That was a huge score!!!

Megatron083880d ago

there are a lot of nice lil upgrades here for the xbl marketplace. However the whole paying for game ads to be put on your avatars is about as stupid as it gets

Defectiv3_Detectiv33880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

You can only buy them in increments, which means your usually left w/ extra points your not using. So basically, you just invested your money in a worthless currency.

Every thing should just be at face value, like Nintendo or PSN do it. There is absolutely no excuse for using points, it is simply skeeming your customers.

And like other people have pointed out, when you buy a PSN game you can share it. That far outweighs whatever points you might find discounted. You shouldn't have to go to the trouble of finding a deal for points every time you want to buy something online.

kewlkat0073880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Where do you live a Close Communist State?

The beauty of Capitalism is Competitive markets and finding Bargains(well because you can) of course.

You act like it's sin to look for better deals and/sales/bargains through different merchants and online.

The thing about MS points is you can get Bargains for cheaper than what they are worth. Though you probably wouldn't know that.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33880d ago

And I am well aware of the fact they have bargains online for MS points, but that still doesn't make it better. Why should you have to jump through all those hoops in the first place?

You call that a good business model? PSN's structure is much more consumer freindly. I have over 10 PSN games on my PS, and only 3 of them i bought. And I didn't have to jump through any hoops or buy into a misleading point scheme.

IaMs123880d ago

please support PayPal options up front. Its so much safer/easier

cherrypie3879d ago

What Copy sony by selling things in dollars? Huh?

I was never bothered by Points, I understood why MS used them (to price things in a way that they could be dicussed internationally ie; 400pts is 400pts no matter what you paid for the points, therefore, you were always given a local-currency-agnostic price..). I dont know, maybe I'm not bothered by Grade 4 math required to understand 400pts == $5.

I find the Awards idea intersting, not a suprise really, they've talked about just such a thing for some time. It will be interesting to see in action. Ie: Can i *play* with my RC Warthog?

I'll be suprised if MS isnt moving to some kind of "open world" (yes, SDF, like "home", but much less a kind of Second Life and more a abstracted space like Wii has) where avatars cant interact with all this stuff that they are awarded...

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caffman3880d ago

It means that I can buy points for cheap and get bargains. For instance the COD 5 pack was £7.99 on PS3 or 800 points on 360. This worked out to (due to cheap points from whsmiths (2100 for £14.85)) £5.65. That to me is a bargain

kratos1233880d ago

lol but if you buy them on ps3 you can gameshare up to 4 times
just telling the truth here

caffman3878d ago

they have the content on their 360 and can play it as well

iHEARTboobs3880d ago

Finally, I don't want points lying around.

Godmars2903880d ago

You'll just have to worry about a penny here and their. Just like Sony.

Carl14123880d ago

Actually if the total is more than £5 it uses up all of the credit in yor wallet, so you have £0.00 left, no stupid pennies left

Godmars2903880d ago

Dude, you do realize that if you're paying £5 for a PSN game that's $4.99, one of us is really getting ripped off. And it ain't me :p

Eiffel3880d ago

I really had no problem with points, I know the point price range so I was never bothered by this.

TheColbertinator3880d ago

Glad they are getting rid of points.Now I can purchase content without having to get a bundle of points with it that I don't need

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